Why Landmark Recovery of Louisville is implementing Neurofeedback with their patients?

Neurofeedback is a wonderful adjunct to the other forms of therapy, including individual and group therapy, which will be utilized while patients come into our care.

  • At the heart of neurofeedback is a retraining of dysfunctional brain patterns which contribute to the person’s addiction.

Neurofeedback assist in training the individual’s brain to operate more calmly and rationally when situations become stressful.

  • The process of early recovery, although a healthy choice, is often filled with challenging situations whereby new coping skills will be needed.
  • Neurofeedback has been reported to allow clients improved ability to focus, regulate their behavior and reduce impulsivity

A study preformed at UCLA published in 2005 provided the following results with treating this population:

  • Increased abstinence rates among those participating in neurofeedback by over 30%
  • Decrease among those leaving treatment against medical advice (AMA) by 60%
  • Significant improvements on 5 of the 10 MMPI-2 scales, the most frequently used personality tests in mental health.

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