At Landmark, ultimate discretion of what medications to use during treatment lies with our Medical Director. As such, we cannot guarantee which specific medications will be used, although we will do whatever necessary to ensure detoxification and the remainder of the patient’s stay is safe and comfortable.

Typically, most Opiate users will be placed onto a 9 day buprenorphine taper. This prescription, often known by its brand name, Suboxone, helps alleviate opiate cravings and reduce withdrawal pains. By day 9 of treatment, the need for the medication subsides, and the patient is taken off of the medication. By the end of treatment, recovering Opiate users are encouraged to receive a shot of Vivitrol, a non-addicting medication that blocks opiate receptors in the brain and therefore prevents the patient from being able to get high. Landmark will gladly arrange for patients to receive this shot, and will follow up with patients post discharge to ensure continued compliance.

Protocol for patients withdrawing from other substances varies considerably based on the patient’s usage and medical histories. For more specific information, feel free to contact the facility.

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