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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Addiction Treatment

by Will Long

January 15, 2023
Green light symbolizing the urgency that one should have toward getting the right addiction treatment.

You shouldn’t wait for addiction treatment. Delaying the treatment you need could strengthen your addiction, increase your health risks and cause deeper problems with your friends and family. Many people see a holiday or personal event coming up on the calendar and use it as an excuse to delay addiction treatment. Some of them decide that their addiction isn’t getting any worse or just isn’t that bad in the first place—functional addiction is still addiction. But they shouldn’t wait. No one who needs treatment should wait. Waiting is a good way to allow negative outcomes to creep up and take you by surprise, especially when the consequences could be life-or-death. Here are three major reasons why those who need treatment shouldn’t wait to get the help they need.

#1: Seeking Addiction Treatment As Soon As Possible Prevents Future Tragedies

The longer you wait to get treatment, the higher your chances are of experiencing a severe health setback or even fatal consequences. Seeking treatment significantly lowers the risk of this from happening, even if you have to return to rehab multiple times due to relapses or slips. Negative outcomes of waiting to get treatment for an addiction might be contracting a communicable disease, a familial or personal relationship that falls apart or becomes damaged, or a financial situation that puts your housing situation into jeopardy. Any one of these happening makes the likelihood of success even lower, so it’s better to seek help as soon as possible.

#2: Starting the New Year in Addiction Recovery Feels Good

Those in recovery often report an increase in life satisfaction. Conquering an addiction certainly improves health, but if you don’t wait and actively seek treatment around this time of year, you’ll have the rest of the year to look forward to while in recovery. Imagine all the great things you can accomplish after getting to the point in your life where recovery becomes a core part of your lifestyle! You’ll no longer be worried about feeding an addiction anymore if you have the right help available. This is why Landmark Recovery is available 24/7 at the convenience of prospective patients. We want you to get the help you need along the way.

#3: Delaying Addiction Treatment Becomes a Cycle of Procrastinating Indefinitely

For those who are actively choosing to wait, this choice may become an act of procrastination that continues indefinitely. Continually putting off something that may save your life that you don’t think is a big deal is a bad idea. You should prioritize your health and wellness over holidays, your job (which you won’t have to quit in order to get treatment), and special events. You won’t miss anything while in treatment that was more important than staying alive.

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About the Author

Will Long

Will Long

A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, Long has been a writer for Landmark Recovery since 2021. He specializes in research and writing about substance abuse from a scientific and social perspective. Unearthing information from underexplored, far-flung corners of the Internet, Long’s passion is finding emerging trends in substance use and treatment that the public should know about.