Alcoholism And Alcohol Rehabs In Oklahoma

October 7, 2019

Alcohol is one of the most used drugs in the United States and leads to tens of thousands of deaths each year, fortunately, there are alcohol rehabs in Oklahoma that can help and provide a number of benefits for people who are searching for help.

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem and can lead to problems with brain development and can even change brain chemistry. Alcohol is the top substance of abuse in Oklahoma according to the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. In fact, over a quarter of a million Oklahomans are dependent on alcohol or abuse the substance and only about 7.6% of Oklahomans in need of treatment got help.

If you are worried that you or a loved one is dealing with some type of alcohol use disorder, you may be wondering what you can do to help. Luckily, alcohol treatment facilities can provide a number of benefits and can be effective in reducing alcohol use and sobriety.

Before we take a look at alcohol treatment and how you should look for it, let’s look at what constitutes alcoholism and alcohol abuse.

Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

A bottle being poured. Alcohol rehabs in Oklahoma can help people struggling with alcoholism.

While the opioid crisis and overarching drug epidemic gets a lot of publicity around the country, alcohol is still one of the most popularly used drugs nationwide and one that leads to tens of thousands of deaths every year.

Unfortunately, alcohol use is something that is somewhat celebrated in the United States. It is hard to deny that drinking and using alcohol is a norm, especially in social situations. This drinking culture is something that has proven to be harmful to some and can even cause alcohol addiction and substance abuse problems.

Alcohol-related problems are one of the most significant public health issues in the United States. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Abuse, approximately 17 million adults aged 18 and older have an alcohol use disorder and about 10 percent of children live in a home with a parent who has a drinking problem.

Signs Of Alcoholism

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse can affect everyone and anyone and it is a serious problem that can lead to numerous health issues. While you may think that you or your loved one’s drinking habits might be normal, they should still be evaluated and looked at more closely to ensure that there are no serious problems that are affecting you.

There are a number of signs and questions that you can ask yourself if you are worried that you or a loved one is dealing with alcohol abuse or alcoholism.

Some questions that you can ask yourself include:

  • Have you had times when you ended up drinking more or longer than originally intended?
  • Have you experienced a craving or urge to drink?
  • Have you continued to drink even though it caused trouble professionally or socially?

There are many other questions that you should ask yourself, there is a full list of questions that can be found here.

Alcohol-Related Liver Disease

One of the most significant health consequences of using alcohol is the way that it affects your liver. Many liver specialists agree that liver disease is likely for women drinking four or more drinks of alcohol daily for at least a year. For men, it’s drinking six drinks at the same frequency for the same period. Generally, there are three stages of alcohol-related liver disease: fatty liver disease, liver hepatitis, and cirrhosis.

Fatty liver disease is caused by drinking a large amount of alcohol, even for just a few days. It can lead to a build-up of fats in the liver. Unfortunately, fatty liver disease rarely causes or shows symptoms but it’s an important warning sign that you are drinking to a harmful and dangerous level. Luckily, this first stage is reversible, in fact just stopping drinking for two week should return your liver back to normal.

If fatty liver disease is not taken seriously, it can evolve into alcoholic hepatitis. This is a potentially serious condition that is caused by alcohol misuse over a longer period of time. This type of liver disease is characterized by widespread inflammation and destruction of liver tissue which can be fatal but may be reversible. If heavy drinking continues, this problem will likely turn into alcoholic cirrhosis.

Alcoholic cirrhosis is the most advanced form of liver disease in which the internal structure of the liver is damaged and distorted. This problem leads to thousands of deaths every year and the change in liver structure causes problems with functionality and can even affect other organs like the kidneys and the brain.

Alcohol-Related Cancer

A woman getting an MRI for cancer. Alcohol rehabs in Oklahoma can help people who are dealing with alcoholism and at risk of alcoholic cancer.

Alcohol is a known carcinogen and leads to an increased rate of nearly all types of cancers. According to the National Cancer Institute, an estimated 3.5% of cancer deaths in the United States were alcohol-related in 2009.

Alcohol increases the rate of many forms of cancer including head and neck cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer.

Alcohol use leads to an increased risk of cancer because metabolizing ethanol alcohol creates acetaldehyde, a toxic chemical and probable carcinogen. Acetaldehyde can damage DNA and protein.

Obviously, there are a lot of health problems related to alcohol and unfortunately, these issues can prove to be life-threatening and fatal in some cases.

Because alcohol is so popular across the nation, all states across the nation deal with alcohol problems. Oklahoma is one state that is most severely affected by alcohol.

Alcohol In Oklahoma

When it comes to alcoholism, every state has its struggles. Oklahoma is no different.

Alcohol is one of the most used substances in the state. In fact, 30 percent of people receiving substance abuse treatment reported alcohol as the primary drug of choice.

In fact, Oklahoma had the 11th highest rate of alcohol poisoning in the nation in 2015 and 159,000 Oklahomans reported heavy alcohol use in the past 30 days.

Underage Drinking

group of teens. Alcohol rehabs in Oklahoma are here to help teens and underage alcoholics.

One of the biggest concerns for the state is underage drinking. According to a recent report that looked at 2018 data, over 20% of Oklahomans aged 12 to 20 used alcohol in the past month. Moreover, 16% of all fatal crashes in the state involved a 15 to 20-year-old driver who had used alcohol to some extent. Oklahoma ranks third in the nation in terms when it comes to percentage of alcohol consumed by underage youth.


Tulsa is one county that has a serious alcohol problem. For Tulsa residents, alcohol is the primary drug of choice for 27% of Tulsa County residents. It should also be noted that Tulsa County’s DUI rate is 20 percent higher than the state average.

Obviously there is a serious problem in the state, so what can be done?

Well, there are facilities that specialize in alcohol rehab, Oklahoma city is one of the most centralized locations for these treatment centers. But, are these Oklahoma centers for recovery actually helpful? Can they help your loved one achieve sobriety and stay on the wagon?

Does Alcohol Treatment Work?

If you have been examining your alcohol use, or your loved ones alcohol use, you may be thinking that it is time to look for a way to get help. With that said, you are likely aware of some alcohol rehabs in Oklahoma but are unsure if they can actually help.

Let’s take a look at how impactful alcohol treatment can be for someone who is dealing with this type of substance abuse problem.

For those looking into how you can help yourself or your loved one, rest assured, alcohol treatment can prove to be effective.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, research has shown that about a third of people who are treated for alcohol problems have no further symptoms one year later. It can prove to be even more helpful with many substantially reducing their drinking and reporting fewer alcohol-related problems.

It should also be noted that actual treatment for people with alcohol use disorder has made significant advancements over the past two decades. Researchers and policymakers alike have been working to not only increase the quality and effectiveness of treatment but also the cost-effectiveness of treatment and the accessibility.

Today, with advancements in treatment, there are a number of evidence-based treatment methods that can help patients with whatever problems that they may be dealing with.

Alcohol Rehabs In Oklahoma

Oklahoma city. Alcohol rehabs in Oklahoma are here to help citizens struggling with alcoholism.

There are numerous alcohol treatment centers in Oklahoma that can help patients overcome and conquer addiction and substance abuse related problems. When you are searching for the best alcohol rehab program near you, there are many things that should be taken into consideration. For example, it is important to look at not only the services that the facility will offer, but also the credibility of the facility and staff.

When it comes to looking for a great alcohol rehab, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has a checklist and a number of things that you should be looking for specifically.

Some of the things that they mention is credentials, comprehensive assessment, evidence-based treatment, and a personalized treatment plan.

It is important to ensure that the Oklahoma rehab that you are looking for is properly credentialed and has educated and licensed staff in place to help prepare you or your loved one for long-term sobriety.

You also need to be sure that the treatment facility in Oklahoma that you are looking for takes a look at the full comprehensive problem that you or your loved one may be dealing with. For example, the assessment should look at what substance abuse patterns that are present, what other substances are used, overall health including mental health, family health history, legal problems, and more. In order for an Oklahoma recovery center to provide the highest quality treatment, they need to know the full scope of the issue. If the treatment facility in question does not ask enough questions, they won’t be able to provide the highest-quality support.

Evidence-based treatment offer patients the strongest chance at success as they are backed by science and have proven to be not only helpful but effective. Behavioral treatment and medication-assisted treatment are two of the most common forms of evidence-based treatment. Behavioral therapy and psychotherapy can help teach patients how to refuse drink offers and avoid relapse. Meanwhile MAT will help patients overcome the withdrawal symptoms that are common and painful for newly abstinent people.

Along with all of these, you should ensure that the alcohol treatment facility that you have found will offer patients an individualized treatment plan rather than one overarching plan. There is no silver bullet to treatment and everyone is different. If an alcohol rehab is touting their treatment center as a one-size-fits-all approach, you should be weary of them.

Overall, there are a lot of things that need to be considered and looked at when trying to find the best alcohol rehab near you.

Next Steps

When it comes to alcohol rehab, Oklahoma has many treatment facilities that are available to help patients. Landmark Recovery is one of those facilities and we are committed to the long-term health and sobriety of our patients. At Landmark we offer medically assisted detox, an individualized treatment program, and an array of services at our residential and intensive outpatient units.

“The opioid crisis and drug epidemic are not the only problems in Oklahoma. Many Oklahomans are dealing with alcohol abuse and alcoholism that affects their day-to-day lives. Luckily, Landmark is here and we are dedicated to providing the state with the highest quality of care possible to help them conquer addiction,” said Justin Hartman, president of inpatient services at Landmark Recovery.

Landmark is one of the alcohol rehabs in Oklahoma that is dedicated to giving the state the help that they need. If you are worried about yourself or your loved on, please visit our website and reach out to our admissions team. We are ready to take your call and are ready to help you immediately.

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