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Authored by Mitch Kline

How the United States is Fighting the Opioid Crisis

By Mitch Kline on October 1st, 2022

Key Strategies to Reduce Opioid Overdoses U.S. President Joe Biden announced last month new actions planned to slow down the…

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Sigourney Weaver Talks about Alcoholism in “The Good House”

By Mitch Kline on September 30th, 2022

Alcohol Addiction the Focus of “The Good House” In an interview promoting her new movie “The Good House” with radio…

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District Court Allows Multistate Litigation Against Suboxone Maker

By Mitch Kline on September 6th, 2022

42 States Claim Suboxone Monopoly The Eastern District of Pennsylvania recently ruled that 42 states can proceed with antitrust litigation…

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A Fresh Take on the Opioid Crisis

By Mitch Kline on August 20th, 2022

Addiction, the No. 1 Destroyer of Families In her new book, “Raising Lazarus: Hope, Justice, and the Future of America’s…

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What to Expect When You Check into Rehab for An Addiction

By Mitch Kline on May 23rd, 2022

What to Expect When Checking Into Rehab for a Drug or Alcohol Addiction Checking into a drug and alcohol rehab…

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New Series “Humans of Recovery” Explores Life Beyond Addiction

By Mitch Kline on April 10th, 2022

While statistics about drug overdose and alcohol abuse tend to make headlines, we rarely hear about the triumphs over addiction…

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