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Authored by Rachel Gaddis

Gift Ideas for Your Friends or Family Members in Recovery

By Rachel Gaddis on December 1st, 2021

While gifts like wine, imported beer, wine and shot glasses are popular gifts around the holidays, they might not be…

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Blackout Wednesday: Staying Safe on One of the Year’s Biggest Drinking Nights

By Rachel Gaddis on November 19th, 2021

Maybe you knew, but maybe you didn’t, that Blackout Wednesday comes around just as faithfully as Black Friday. Blackout Wednesday…

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Alcoholism Comes to Family Dinner: 15 Signs to Look For

By Rachel Gaddis on November 15th, 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic nearing two years since its spread around the globe, this holiday season may mark the first…

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Withdrawal: Why You Shouldn’t Quit Drinking, Drugs, or Opioids Cold Turkey

By Rachel Gaddis on November 14th, 2021

If you’ve ever quit a habit or heard someone else discuss quitting, you probably have heard the phrase “quitting cold…

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Las Vegas Has Its Demons: Fentanyl, Meth, and Heroin

By Rachel Gaddis on October 15th, 2021

Nicknamed “Sin City,” Las Vegas is home to the famous Las Vegas Strip, world class resorts, renowned shows, the Raiders…

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In the News: Drug Dealers on Snapchat, Mom Takes to TikTok After Daughter’s Overdose, and DEA Issues Public Safety Alert

By Rachel Gaddis on October 12th, 2021

From Snapchat creating new tools to keep its community safe from fentanyl sales to the DEA’s first Public Safety Alert…

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7 Ways Religious Communities Can Support Recovering Addicts and Their Loved Ones

By Rachel Gaddis on September 25th, 2021

Addiction does not discriminate. Have you heard this slogan? Some argue it is misleading because it implies that addiction affects…

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15 Things to Do in Las Vegas After Rehab

By Rachel Gaddis on August 3rd, 2021

15 Sober Activities to Try in Las Vegas After Rehab Leaving the safety of your addiction treatment center can be…

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10 Sober Activities in Oklahoma City

By Rachel Gaddis on July 30th, 2021

Looking for things to do that can help you keep your mind off the recovery struggle? Here are some activities…

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Staying Sober Around Those Who Aren’t in Las Vegas

By Rachel Gaddis on July 28th, 2021

Sometimes it’s tough to stay sober when everyone and everything around you is disrupting your day-to-day life with messages of…

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