A woman holding coffee and overlooking the water thinking about how to prevent a relapse on alcohol

What To Do When You Relapse On Alcohol

Posted on February 12, 2020 in Alcohol

Alcohol is the most misused substance in the United States, and while not everyone who uses alcohol will develop problems, it’s highly addictive. Today, we’ll be digging deeper into what happens if an individual was to relapse on alcohol. Before we get started, time for a quick refresher on the issue at hand…   Alcohol

What Is Wet Brain Syndrome?

Posted on January 8, 2020 in Alcohol

Learning more about problems associated with alcohol use, such as wet brain syndrome is important to properly understand what issues and treatment options are available to those who are dealing with substance abuse issues. Before we take a look at the many treatment options and modalities that are available to help people, let’s first understand

What Is Grain Alcohol?

Posted on January 7, 2020 in Alcohol

Even if you’re a regular drinker, you might not be sure what grain alcohol is. At 95% alcohol, this is certainly not a social drink to enjoy with a restaurant meal. If you’re buying grain alcohol, you’ve got one thing only in mind and that’s getting obliterated. Since alcohol is such a common drink in

A man thinking about how he can get back on track after his relapse on alcohol

What Are the Stages of Alcoholism?

Posted on December 23, 2019 in Alcohol

The stages of alcoholism can be described in many ways and we’ll explore what to expect as social drinking becomes heavy drinking, as dependence slides into addiction. In order to explore the stages of alcoholism, we first need to double down and establish what the non-clinical descriptor “alcoholism” actually means. Alcoholism: What is Alcohol Use

How To Stop Binge Drinking

Posted on December 16, 2019 in Alcohol

How to stop binge drinking is an increasingly and justifiably common concern today. A 2015 study showed a staggering 66.7 million Americans reporting binge drinking over the preceding month. Before we give you some actionable ways to cut out damaging drinking habits, what exactly is binge drinking? What Is Binge Drinking? Binge drinking represents a

Alcoholism and Finding AA Meetings in Louisville, KY

Posted on December 4, 2019 in Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most used substances in the country and some people may need help from a local organization like AA meetings in Louisville, KY to get their problem under control. Luckily, these organizations, along with alcohol rehabilitation centers can help people get their lives back in order and live the life they’ve

How To Help An Alcoholic

Posted on December 2, 2019 in Alcohol

If one of your loved ones is a problem drinker, you might naturally have asked yourself how to help an alcoholic. Maybe you’ve wondered if it’s possible to encourage a family member recover from alcohol dependence, questioned whether you should intervene or stay completely clear. The answer is deeply nuanced and we’ll be exploring the

Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Rehab In Indiana

Posted on October 28, 2019 in Alcohol

Alcohol Rehab in Indiana can be helpful for patients who are looking to overcome their respective substance abuse problem. Whether the issue is actually just alcohol, or whether it is a combination of problems such as prescription and illicit drugs and a mental health disorder, alcohol treatment centers can help with whatever situation that you

Do I Have A Drinking Problem?

Posted on October 22, 2019 in Alcohol

The line between moderate, social drinking and consuming alcohol regularly to the extent that a drinking problem develops is easily blurred. With alcohol being completely socially acceptable and so widely adopted, it’s easy to convince yourself you’re drinking within reasonable limits. Is that really true, though? We’ll look today at how drinking can progress from

Finding Alcohol Treatment And AA Meetings: Indianapolis

Posted on October 16, 2019 in Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances used by Americans and when it comes to finding alcohol treatment and AA meetings, Indianapolis rehabs can help. If you or a loved one is dealing with some sort of alcohol problem, you may have searched for national or local support for your problem. However, finding the