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Category: Drug Abuse

Dark Web Drugs in Las Vegas

By Will Long on August 9th, 2022

The Drugs on Time: Decentralized Dealing in Las Vegas Two recent cases in Las Vegas involved Deep Web transacting and…

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What Does Xanax Do?

By Landmark Recovery on August 9th, 2022

Xanax is the general name of the benzodiazepine prescription medication alprazolam, which is used to treat anxiety, panic disorders and…

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Knoxville Delta 8 Shop Sparks Marijuana Conversations

By Cedric Dent on August 8th, 2022

The Holistic Connection is a retail “dab bar” in downtown Nashville. The shop sells cannabis legally despite Tennessee prohibiting the…

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What is 1V-LSD?

By Will Long on August 2nd, 2022

The Difference Between LSD and 1V-LSD 1-valeryl-D-lysergic acid diethylamide (1V-LSD), commonly called “Valerie,” is a psychedelic substance that produces near-identical…

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Denver’s Sexy Pizza & Non-Profit Train to Prevent Overdoses

By Demarco Moore on August 2nd, 2022

Sorting Through Colorado’s Unpredictable Drug Supply Whether it’s benzos, the slang name for strong sedatives, or opioids (prescription pain killers),…

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Is Casual Drug Use Okay?

By Will Long on July 28th, 2022

Casual Drug Use There’s a common sentiment that occasionally using drugs, say on the weekends or at parties, is okay….

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The Resurgence of Methamphetamine in Las Vegas

By Will Long on July 28th, 2022

Meth reports rise in Sin City Methamphetamine is making a comeback of sorts according to law enforcement officials who report…

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Fentanyl Charges Parallel Overdose Rate Uptick in Knoxville

By Cedric Dent on July 20th, 2022

Knoxville Law Enforcement Agencies Target Dealers of Synthetic Opioids About 40% of illegal drugs being sold in Knoxville include synthetic…

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Harm Reduction in Kentucky

By Cedric Dent on July 15th, 2022

A New Push Towards Reducing Overdose Deaths in Kentucky Harm reduction is getting more attention as the opioid crisis evolves…

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Las Vegas and International Drug Trafficking

By Will Long on July 12th, 2022

Drug Busts Becoming Frequent in Las Vegas Nearly every month, and often more frequently there’s a large-scale drug bust in…

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