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Category: Health & Wellness

Having a Sober Christmas 2023

By Will Long on December 11th, 2023

How to Have a Joyful, Recovery-Focused Christmas The holiday season can be a challenging time for individuals on their recovery…

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Having a Healthy Holiday 2023 in Recovery

By Will Long on December 6th, 2023

Nutrition’s Role in Recovery During the Holiday Season The holiday season, a time of joy and festivities, often centers around…

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Can You Take Melatonin with NyQuil?

By Will Long on December 1st, 2023

Melatonin and NyQuil: Understanding the Risks and Benefits In the pursuit of a good night’s sleep, many people consider combining…

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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Its Impact on Recovery

By Will Long on November 15th, 2023

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression emerging in particular seasons, primarily affects individuals during fall and winter. This…

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Setting Boundaries During Thanksgiving 2023

By Landmark Recovery on November 13th, 2023

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, togetherness, and reflection. But for individuals on the path of recovery, it can also…

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How Fall Symbolizes a New Chapter in Recovery

By Landmark Recovery on October 31st, 2023

The shift from summer to fall is more than just a change in temperature and leaf color. It signifies transformation,…

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Why the Changing Seasons Can Affect Mental Health and How to Cope

By Landmark Recovery on October 25th, 2023

The shifting of the seasons, while often aesthetically pleasing, can significantly impact an individual’s mental health. As the seasons change,…

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How to Manage Holiday Anxiety for a Successful Recovery in 2023

By Will Long on October 24th, 2023

The holiday season is often hailed as the most wonderful time of the year, full of joy, love, and a…

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How to Host a Recovery-Friendly Halloween Event in 2023

By Will Long on October 18th, 2023

Halloween is a time for tricks, treats and all things spooky. While many people associate this holiday with costumes and…

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Unmasking the Stigma of Addiction for Halloween in 2023

By Demarco Moore on October 17th, 2023

As the chill of October rolls in, bringing with it the promise of pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and costume parties,…

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