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Category: Recovery Stories

Recovery Helps Ohio Woman Escape Addiction & Prostitution

By Demarco Moore on August 10th, 2022

Updated: August 10, 2022 Editor’s note: This story contains profanity and graphic content From “Drugging and Thugging” to Rehab Some…

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From Grief to Speaking Out: The Risk of Fentanyl Contamination

By Will Long on July 29th, 2022

Fentanyl Contamination creates tragic outcomes for families Like many who’ve fallen prey to opioid addiction, Jan David van Eys was…

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Humans of Recovery Episode 2: Lorilee Rager

By Demarco Moore on June 1st, 2022

Lorilee Rager is Featured on this Episode of Humans of Recovery Lost in stories and headlines about drug and alcohol…

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How Recovery Crafted a Better Mom

By Will Long on May 3rd, 2022

Mothers can struggle with drug or alcohol addictions, but help is available Life can sometimes feel like a tangled and…

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Humans of Recovery

By Michael Walsh on April 26th, 2022

Introducing a new video series, Humans of Recovery, brought to you by Landmark Recovery Today we’ll introduce you to Humans…

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The Empowerment of Recovery After Overcoming Addiction

By Landmark Recovery on April 18th, 2022

An addiction to drugs or alcohol can leave a person feeling powerless. Substances can take control of our lives, but…

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New Series “Humans of Recovery” Explores Life Beyond Addiction

By Landmark Recovery on April 10th, 2022

While statistics about drug overdose and alcohol abuse tend to make headlines, we rarely hear about the triumphs over addiction…

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Songs of Recovery: The 2022 Grammy Awards

By Will Long on March 16th, 2022

 Music is one of the most powerful artistic mediums. Songs have a way of evoking emotion, generating empathy and…

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11 Influential Black Americans Whose Work Shed Light on Addiction

By Landmark Recovery on February 21st, 2022

Dozens of influential Black Americans collectively blazed trails to help create a more holistic and inclusive picture of mental health,…

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Top 5 Recovery Podcast Episodes of 2021

By Landmark Recovery on January 8th, 2022

Wrapping up 2021, the Landmark Recovery Podcast is highlighting our top five episodes of the year! As one of the…

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