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Drinking During The Holidays and Alcohol Rehab In Indianapolis

by Landmark Recovery

December 24, 2019

Alcohol is something that is always flowing during the holiday season and during holiday parties, which is something that can lead to substance abuse. Luckily, there are local outreach programs in place such as alcohol rehab in Indianapolis in place to help those who are struggling with these issues.

Before we take a look at how these treatment centers may be able to help, let’s first look at holiday drinking and how these situations can turn out bad very quickly.

The Effects of Holiday Drinking

However you are celebrating the holiday season, it is important to fully understand the effects of alcohol and know the limits of you or your loved one’s alcohol consumption. Failure to recognize or understand these limits can lead to a number of health problems and poor decision-making.

There are a number of myths that surround holiday drinking and drinking in general. For instance, many partygoers will think that drinking liquor before switching to beer will help them not get sick or that they won’t be as tipsy or drunk by drinking beer or wine rather than hard liquor. However, these are false. A 12-ounce beer, five-ounce glass of wine, and a shot of hard liquor all contain approximately the same amount of alcohol that an average person can process in an hour.

Obviously if people are unaware of the effects that alcohol is having on them, or are underestimating these effects, it is something that can lead to a number of different problems including drunk driving.

According to the Department of Transportation, every holiday season, hundreds of lives are lost due to drunk drivers, and over a five-year period, an average of 300 people died in drunk driving crashes the week between Christmas and New Year. It’s important that people realize just how dangerous drunk driving, and driving in general can be during the holiday season. Because of this, people should work to better understand their limits and utilize taxis and ride sharing services whenever possible.

The Holidays and Recovery

Although the holidays are used as a time to celebrate, these festivities are constantly filled with triggers that can lead to binge-drinking and relapse for those who have dealt with alcohol-related problems. If you or a loved one is hosting a holiday party, you should ensure that anyone who is in recovery has non-alcoholic options available to them. Also, if you know that someone who is in recovery is coming to a party, it may be best to reach out to them and see what you can provide for them to make their time with you not as stressful or potentially problematic.

On the other hand, if you know someone who is dealing with a problem related to alcohol, you may want to seek out the help of a treatment center or recovery program. Addiction is a complex disease and one that requires professional help.

Alcoholism and Alcohol Rehab In Indianapolis

Obviously drinking can have numerous dangerous effects on people who use these substances, one of the most problematic being alcohol abuse and addiction. While alcoholism is something that most people have heard of, many don’t understand or recognize the signs or symptoms associated with alcohol abuse.

If we take a closer look at alcoholism and how it may impact you or your loved one, you can better understand this problem and be able to reach out to get the help that you need.

Signs of Alcoholism

There are a number of signs and symptoms that someone will have that can point to a problem with alcohol. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has a number of certain criteria that someone can exhibit that may point to an alcohol use disorder diagnosis.

Some of the common symptoms that someone with alcohol use disorder will show include:

  • Drinking more or longer than originally intended
  • Tried to stop or cut back on drinking but couldn’t
  • Experienced a craving or strong urge to drink
  • Drinking enough to the point that it interferes with taking care of home or family
  • Feeling depressed or anxious while drinking

These are just a few of the common signs and symptoms that are associated with alcoholism, you can read the full list of questions that you can ask yourself or your loved one on the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s website.

Indiana Rehab

When it comes to alcoholism and alcohol abuse, there are a number of treatment options and outreach programs in place to help those who are struggling. Landmark Recovery is one alcohol rehab in Indianapolis that available to help as many people as possible.

Landmark Recovery has a number of treatment options and modalities available to help patients who are during dealing with substance abuse and addiction problems. Landmark’s Indiana rehab utilizes evidence-based treatment methods to help patients work to achieve long-term sobriety. Some of these treatment methods include behavioral therapy, medically-assisted detox, and intensive outpatient programs.

Medically-assisted detox is one of the earliest parts of treatment that patients will go through. This includes a 4 to 10 day program in which patients will be under supervision as they work to overcome the withdrawal symptoms that are commonly associated with substance abuse disorders.

One of the most effective and commonly used forms of behavioral therapy includes cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is one of the most important types of therapies that patients will be exposed to during their time in treatment. Essentially, CBT works by changing the way that a patient’s brain will react and be impacted by triggers that may cause patients to feel urges and cravings. By having a clinician work with the patient to identify these triggers, they can help to change brain functioning and help reduce relapse risks.

Following an initial stay in an inpatient facility, patients will be directed to continuing treatment at an outpatient location. In outpatient, they will continue to learn strategies to reduce the risk of relapse. Their treatment during this time is especially important as patients will experience some of the most severe cravings during their recovery during this period.

Landmark Recovery

Overall, it is important that patients commit to their sobriety and their recovery plan. Landmark Recovery is here to provide your loved one with the highest quality of care while they work to commit to sobriety. If you are interested in learning more about how Landmark Recovery’s alcohol rehab in Indianapolis can help you or your loved one accomplish this, please call our admissions team today for more information and a free consultation.

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