Talk to a Recovery Specialist

Talk to a Recovery Specialist

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A man researching adderall

Understanding an Addiction to Adderall

A clock representing the time marijuana stays in your system

How Marijuana Stays in Your System

A man reading over paperwork related to an opioid class action lawsuit

Can I Join An Opioid Class Action Lawsuit?

A woman sitting and looking up what Isotonitazene is on the computer

Is Isotonitazene The New Fentanyl?

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A box of naloxone

Why Everyone Should Carry Naloxone 

A U.S. globe. Many individuals might refer to online maps when looking up drug treatment.

Drug Treatment In Louisville KY: What To Look For

Tramadol Withdrawal and Side Effects

Signs Of Heroin Use

An individual looking at a map of Indiana

Teen Drug Abuse In Indiana

Are you or someone you love struggling with addiction?

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A doctor holding a stethoscope. This doctor can help individuals suffering with opiate addiction.

Indiana’s Battle with Opiate Addiction

A young man leading a support group meeting for individuals suffering from an addiction to Dexedrine.

What Is Dexedrine?

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