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This is the Landmark Recovery Podcast. Each week we examine aspects of addiction and talk to the people who are reinventing recovery. You’ll hear from clinical experts, therapists, counselors and people who’ve experienced addiction. We’ll share stories about hope, support and learning to live beyond substance abuse. This podcast is a production of Landmark Recovery, which offers substance abuse treatment across the country. Learn more at

Today, we’re joined by Gillian Tietz. Gill will be sharing her story and discussing with us how she uses it to empower others. When Gill quit drinking in 2019, she dedicated herself to learning about alcohol’s influence on the brain and how it can cause addiction. She used that knowledge to free herself from the shame she had about being unable to control her drinking. Gillian (Gill) Tietz is the host of the Sober Powered podcast and works as a biochemist in the Boston area. Today, she educates and empowers others to assess their relationship with alcohol. You can find Gill creating content on Instagram, YouTube, and wherever you listen to podcasts:

About the Author

Will Long

A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, Will has been a copy writer and content creator for Landmark Recovery since 2021. Will specializes in writing about substance abuse from a scientific and social perspective.

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