For Alumni


At Landmark, we believe that Recovery is a lifelong journey. That’s why our involvement with you does not end the day you leave treatment. Instead, we follow up with you at regular intervals for as long as necessary, post discharge. We offer regular opportunities to stay connected to the facility.

Why Alumni Programs Matter

Addiction treatment goes far beyond learning how to detox your body from drugs. Think about the word “Recovery” for a moment. Anytime you’ve experienced a traumatic experience and needed to recover, how long did that take? Were you able to cope with the emotional pain and stress from the incident by yourself?

The best inpatient drug rehab centers know that recovery is ongoing, and the need for guidance, support and resources doesn’t stop after thirty days of treatment. An increasing amount of research demonstrates that people are less inclined to relapse when they have access to post-discharge educational groups and community engagement.

The Need for Quality Recovery Services Lasts a Lifetime

Alumni groups are special because they allow members the opportunity to connect with others who have a shared history. Read more about the value of alumni groups in Social Support in Substance Abuse Recovery and Community Re-entry. Being able to connect with others in recovery is essential because at the core of each one of us is the fundamental need to bond with other people. The saying that most of us have heard, “No man is an island,” is a thousand times truer for someone who has just completed treatment in a drug or alcohol treatment facility.  Nothing is more important than surrounding yourself with supportive alumni and professionals that “get you” and are there to throw a lifeline during times of self-doubt or distress.


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