At Landmark Recovery, we believe successful treatment impacts not only the patient, but also the patient’s entire family. As such, we offer complimentary therapy groups twice per week to help address the impact of addiction on loved ones. Topics covered during group sessions include:

  • How “We” are affected by the loved one’s addiction
  • How to process feelings of hurt and confusion that accompany living with someone actively using substances.
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Developing a new set of beliefs, values and rules
  • How to distinguish between supporting a loved one and enabling them. Family members learn that, while done with the best of intentions, enabling ultimately can leave the addict confused, angry and hurt. Our workshop helps instill more confidence and knowledge to recognize unhealthy behaviors and draw appropriate boundaries.
  • Introduction to support groups for family members and loved ones, such as Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, and Families Anonymous. Landmark even hosts an Al-Anon meeting on campus once per week on Saturdays so families can get plugged into a community prior to the loved one leaving treatment.

We understand that learning to live free from the chaos of active addiction takes time. Within the program you’ll find helpful information you can use and apply. Our goal is to make the lessons learned in our family portion use-able and understandable.

In addition, at least one individual therapy session during treatment is dedicated to involving the family and processing the disease of addiction together. Additional sessions are held as needed in order to restore healthy familial relationships. Our staff include Licensed Marriage and Family therapists who specialize in navigating how addiction impacts families and working to improve those relationships, to help establish healthy roads to recovery for the patient post discharge.


If you have more questions regarding our program and education, our dedicated admissions consultants are happy to take your call at 502-305-8979