For Professionals

At Landmark Recovery, our referents are valued partners in the patient’s Road to Recovery. You can rest assured that, at Landmark, your client is in good hands. If you choose to work with Landmark, you will be assigned a dedicated representative who will work with you any time you have potential referrals. In addition, we follow up with our referents weekly to inform them of their client’s progress. Finally, we ensure that, whenever possible and appropriate, the patient is returned to the referent after graduation to continue working the program needed to succeed on their road to recovery. For professionals, Landmark Recovery is the best option to help those in need live the life they dreamed.


If you need to request medical records, please visit our medical records request form. In order to receive any form of communication, a release of information must be present.


If you have more questions, please fill out our contact form, or call us at 888-448-0302.