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How to Get Into Rehab Immediately

by Landmark Recovery

October 3, 2020
A man dialing a treatment center on his phone because he is ready to enter rehab


Beginning your journey to wellness is a tough decision, one made even more difficult because a quick entrance to rehab is never guaranteed.


Rehab Admissions Process: Getting Started

A man dialing a treatment center on his phone because he is ready to enter rehab

It all starts with a phone call, where patient-hopefuls fill out their pre-admissions screening documents. This involves discussing your personal details, history of substance abuse, treatment opportunities, and payment options.


You can make decisions about your treatment based on preference and practical needs. After your initial assessment, it’s time to pack up and head over to check-in. The whole process can take a few days to a few weeks, although it is always best to move quickly once you’ve made the decision to get sober.


But I Need Help Now!

But what if you don’t have weeks or even days to get into rehab? If you or a loved one is in crisis, time is of the essence to get treatment. You are likely suffering, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and you need immediate help. Or maybe you are trying to convince a resistant loved one with a substance use disorder (SUD) to seek treatment, and their agreement is fleeting. You know you need to move fast before they can change their mind.


If you need help immediately, there are circumstances when it is possible—even critical—to get into a facility on the same day.


Don’t Wait For a Crisis to Happen

A medical or psychiatric emergency precipitated by an overdose or an incident of acutely dangerous substance use can result in immediate hospitalization. In this scenario, it may not be safe for the individual to be released back into society. If they are using substances compulsively, to the point where they have to be sent to the hospital for treatment, the best thing may be immediate admission to rehab.


When possible, the individual might be able to access same-day admissions for detox or rehab. Although these emergency incidents can be frightening, they may also help them realize that they need to seek treatment. This is often a pivotal moment for someone suffering from SUD and can result in the best possible outcome – in other words, finally admitting to themselves that it’s time to seek sobriety.


In both emergency and non-emergency situations, same-day admission depends on the availability of centers that offer the program. Waiting for a crisis to occur is not ideal, because not every treatment center offers this option. If there are no beds available in nearby facilities, you or your loved one may have to travel far afield to find a center with same-day admission. Worse than that, they may not be able to access same-day admission at all, and their treatment will be delayed.


When You’re Ready …

Coping with addiction is an extremely challenging task for everyone involved. When support is needed and wanted, not getting it right away can feel truly devastating. At Landmark, we understand how scary it can be to feel like you’re out of control without a lifeline. Our treatment centers are located throughout the midwestern United States, and we’re always ready to help at a moment’s notice. Your journey to wellness is just a phone call away, and we genuinely care. So don’t hesitate – reach out today and take that all-important first step towards getting into rehab immediately.


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