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New Series “Humans of Recovery” Explores Life Beyond Addiction

by Landmark Recovery

April 10, 2022
Humans of Recovery by Landmark Recovery logo

While statistics about drug overdose and alcohol abuse tend to make headlines, we rarely hear about the triumphs over addiction that occur each day. Those dealing with a substance use disorder often feel like just another number, but when a person recovers from an addiction they find courage, hope and a sense of renewal. They begin to see their true potential. They begin to feel human again. Their stories can inspire others to seek treatment and discover that life beyond addiction is something to celebrate.

Landmark Recovery has launched a new web series called “Humans of Recovery,” which shares the stories of people who’ve overcome drug or alcohol addiction. These short videos help put a face to recovery from addiction while exploring the broad spectrum of substance use disorders. Each episode illustrates what’s possible in recovery and what it took to get there. The stigma surrounding people with an addiction can cause us to view them as weak, unfit or a drain on society. “Humans of Recovery” shows the strength it takes to seek treatment, and the value of the people who did and how their lives improved once they sought help.

First Episode Focuses on Woman’s Journey to Recovery

The pilot episode of “Humans of Recovery,” which can now be viewed at LandmarkRecovery.com or on YouTube, focuses on Stacy Meredith, who started using drugs and alcohol in her teens. Meredith has been in recovery for seven years.

“The one thing that I appreciate most in this journey is waking up with a clear mind,” Meredith said. “It’s waking up not feeling like you have no idea what happened the night before, or the anxiety or depression that comes with that hangover or drinking and binge drinking for days. It’s waking up and feeling clear… clear mind, clear hear and like every day’s a chance to have a new beginning. And that’s my favorite part about living a life of sobriety.”

The Faces Behind Drug and Alcohol Stats

Every year millions of Americans seek treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. Yet there are millions more who continue to live a life plagued by substance abuse. More than 700,000 drug overdose deaths have been reported in the U.S. since 2000. Over 70,000 drug overdose deaths occur in the U.S. each year. In the last year alone, America saw a record amount of over 100,000 overdose deaths—more than we’ve ever seen in the history of modern substance use disorders. More than 11% of Americans 12 and older use illegal drugs, according to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics. Drug use is highest among people between the ages of 18 and 25.

“Humans of Recovery” shines a light on individuals who’ve escaped these statistics. Many Americans see substance abuse as affecting someone else, or a problem that’s far from their realities. Yet we know that most people are impacted by addiction, whether they experience a substance use disorder themselves or know someone who is.

As Meredith shares in her episode of “Humans of Recovery,” many people abusing drugs or alcohol feel like they are living in the dark, or not really living at all. By her early 20s Meredith was using heavy drugs and became dependent on alcohol. Her parents urged her to seek treatment and that’s where her path to recovery began.

Stacy Meredith, in a scene from the first episode of “Humans of Recovery.”

The First Step Towards Recovery from Substance Abuse

Seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is the first step towards lasting recovery. While many people try to detox on their own, or find the will power to stop using substances, few succeed without formalized treatment. Landmark Recovery’s drug and alcohol treatment centers provide education and support to understand the root causes of substance abuse. They are run by caring and experienced staff, many of whom have overcome addictions themselves and know what really works.

The best rehab centers offer personalized programs that combine family counseling and individual therapy. They teach people dealing with addictions how to avoid triggers and cravings that could lead to a relapse. Our teams do their best to make each patient feel like a person, a person who matters.

We’ve seen what happens when someone emerges from a drug or alcohol addiction. They find a renewed sense of purpose. They realize their lives are worth investing in. They feel human again.

We’re collecting more stories to share in the hope of inspiring others to seek treatment for an addiction and start their path to recovery. If you’d like to share your recovery story on “Humans of Recovery” send an email to media@LandmarkRecovery.com.

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