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Kentucky Isn’t Just For Bourbon Anymore

by Landmark Recovery

September 18, 2017
A man with his head in his hands.

As substance abuse rears its ugly head all over the country, Kentucky is a state that has its share of unique and devastating problems. You can find just about any and all different types of drugs, both legal and illegal, within the state’s borders.

As the substance epidemic continues to grow, issues regarding abuse impact are rising not just in populated cities, but in rural landmarks too. Illegal drugs are not the sole root of this problem. Many of the escalating drug addictions start out with a legal prescription for pain medication. This innocent action can lead to illegal prescriptions, theft, or the unfortunate desire to try harsher substances. Kentucky’s abuse craze has become so globalized that the state is known for its extensive drug production and trafficking.

Abuse of narcotics often leads to an increase in crime and violence. There is also a proliferating number of deaths related to overdose that allows addiction to be popularized in the media. Although narcotics and the negative statistics around the topic are on the rise, the science behind the study and treatment of addiction is changing to decrease these horrendous occurrences.


Kentucky’s Unique Connection to Alcohol

Two beers. Alcohol and drug abuse is a large problem for residents of Kentucky

If you asked someone to describe Kentucky, they would probably mention the link to the alcohol industry. One of the largest productions of Bourbon is made in the Bluegrass State, which harvests 95% of the world’s production.

It’s no wonder that this connection has led to high incidences of alcohol abuse within the grand state of Kentucky. The individuals facing addiction are not the average alcohol consumer either; consumers of alcohol are starting to drink at a younger age. To help demolish the negative trends facing Kentucky and its residents, they now offer numerous programs to help addicts, including children, to overcome this deadly disease.


Getting Clean

An individual washing their hands

Finding the right alcohol rehab center in Kentucky isn’t too difficult if you know what you’re looking for. If you or someone you know is an addict who needs rehab, then it shouldn’t be considered likely. For the program to work to the greatest extent, it is recommended that you put in your all. You have to give your all to the program for it to work. Addictions are not 100% centered in the brain and controlled by willpower. Having a substance addiction is as biologically binding as any disease you might get, like diabetes.

There is no cure for diabetes. With the right treatment, a plan of action, medical supervision, nutritional counseling, and a good, clean diet, it can be treated and managed. The same process applies to addiction. Many addicts will carry the desire for a substance for the rest of their lives, but they have options to stop their urges if they are willing to take the first step.


The First Step is the Hardest

A telephone where individuals can call for help with an addiction

Addicts typically realize they need rehab when their own life is in jeopardy, or if concerns are brought to their attention from others. When the search begins for inpatient rehab, every step needs to be considered seriously. If you look at a two-day detox tank followed by a few months of AA, you need to realize that it’s not going to be enough. At a bare minimum, you should be looking for a month-long stay at a premium rehab facility.

Potential rehabilitation centers should offer a full range of benefits designed to meet your individualized needs. It is crucial to consider centers that include medical supervision as their attention is imperative for detox. The detoxification process can be extremely taxing on the body and mind. Depending on the type of substance being abused, the detox has been known to cause extensive damage or take the life of individuals who are not provided with the proper care. To get through this stressful and arduous process, medication is often utilized to help ease the process.


Detox Will Be Difficult

The stethoscope and computer of a doctor who can help an individual going through detox

Detoxing your body is typically the most difficult part of the recovery process. That’s why finding a rehab facility in Kentucky, which also offers medical supervision, is best for your health. Most addicts return to their substance of choice due to the bodies desperate need for the seized drug. This is where a medical professional can help ease the patient into the process.

Because the withdrawal symptoms can be severe to overcome, having family and friends around for support is ideal. Supplemental to a good support system is counseling and medication to increase comfort. Statistics show that if an addict can get through the detoxification portion of rehab in a more comfortable manner, they are more likely to finish the program.

Detoxification is an incredibly crucial part of treatment and should be taken as seriously as the rest of the inpatient care. After the conclusion of rehab, your lifestyle will start to change. When you have cleared the toxins from your system, start to exercise, and eat a healthy diet, you’ll have new found energy and a zest for life. Again, you may have cravings occasionally, but you are also aware of your weaknesses and ability to cope with pressures.


Next Steps

Landmark Recovery is a rehab facility that keeps our patients in mind, and they are the number one priority. We carefully craft a plan of action that our team of experts feels will work to ease you or your loved one back into the healthy lifestyle they deserve.

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