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Las Vegas Working To Reduce Repeat DUI Offenses Through Treatment

by Landmark Recovery

April 7, 2021
dui las vegas

Las Vegas Working to Reduce Repeat DUI Offenses Through Treatment

DUI is one of the most serious moving violations you can face in Nevada. Driving after drinking or using drugs puts your own life and freedom at risk. It also compromises the safety of everyone around you.

That’s why Las Vegas is taking a stand to reduce the number of DUI Las Vegas repeat offenders. The Las Vegas Justice Court facilitates ongoing DUI treatment programs to curb DUI recidivism with support from a $50,000 grant.

Driving Down the Numbers

The state of Nevada already has a strong stance when it comes to reducing the number of intoxicated drivers on the road. Driving while impaired is a problem requiring consistent management, because of the 24-hour availability of both alcohol and legal marijuana in Nevada.

State initiatives like Zero Fatalities are already hard at work to protect Nevada’s streets through a plethora of road safety strategies. One of these is its Impaired Driving Prevention program. Through a series of legal policies and educational tools ZF aims to reduce the number of Nevadans who drive impaired. This would subsequently reduce the number of intoxication-related motor vehicle fatalities.

But prevention work is just one part of the solution. What can be done when DUI prevention is no longer possible? How is Nevada working to help people who have already been arrested for DUI in Las Vegas?

Beyond Prevention

With ongoing financial support from the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety, the Las Vegas Justice Court has been offering DUI treatment services to lessen the number of repeat offenders.

A $50,000 grant is facilitating the continuation of Nevada’s Driving Under the Influence Treatment Court supervisions program in 2021. The DUI Treatment Court has been around since 2003. Like any government-sanctioned public program, it needs regular funding to continue offering its services.

So how does the program work, exactly? It offers comprehensive strategies for individuals with misdemeanor DUI charges through both treatment services and court supervision. These services are meant to help hold participants accountable for their actions through substance monitoring technology, random alcohol and drug testing, and applying sanctions for non-compliance.

There is a longstanding debate regarding drug and alcohol-related offenses: are these offenses a criminal issue, or are they a public health issue? While it can be both, the truth is that DUI Las Vegas repeat offenders are at much higher risk for accidents resulting in fatalities, resuming their dangerous behaviors once sanctions are removed. According to an article in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, “Repeat offenders [also] have higher levels of substance abuse, psychiatric distress, and unemployment than first-time offenders.”

DUI Las Vegas

In Nevada’s 2021 DUI Treatment Court, a retention rate of 93.6 percent and recidivism of 1.4 percent reflected the effectiveness of their strategies. Ultimately, the program’s goal, officials say, is to shift those with impaired driving charges into treatment programs where they can get help, rather than shuffling them into the prison system with a plea to a lesser offense. Sanctions can only do so much – addiction and mental health treatment are crucial to addressing the issues that belie the offense.

At Landmark Recovery, we believe that treatment should take precedence over punishment. Addressing the issues underneath the surface can be the key that unlocks your path to better health. If you are struggling with substance abuse, we are passionate about helping you find your way back to health. Reach out today, and start your journey to a better life.

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