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REIT Relationship Helps Landmark Recovery Fuel Expansion, Navigate Pandemic

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Amid the COVID-19 emergency, behavioral health providers are struggling. They’re grappling with increased costs and decreased revenues, while also seeing more demand for their services.


Oklahoma Recovery Center Reports Surge In Alcohol Abuse

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Top White House officials say drug overdose deaths are surging as Americans deal with anxiety, social isolation, and depression, driven by issues surrounding the pandemic.

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Drinking Surged During The Pandemic. Do You Know The Signs Of Addiction?

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While some people may be predisposed to problematic drinking or alcohol-use disorder, these can also result from someone’s environment.

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Drinking Surged During The Pandemic. Do You Know The Signs Of Addiction?

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But the consumption of all this alcohol can be problematic for individuals, even those who haven’t had trouble with drinking in the past.

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WAVE 3 Listens Live! Landmark Recovery

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John Ramsey welcomes Landmark Recovery to the Listens Live! studio. Dr. Sarah Johnson is here to talk with John Ramsey about addiction and recovery treatment.


Drinking Has Surged During The Pandemic. Do You Know The Signs Of Addiction?

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Many state laws seemed to be waived overnight as stay-at-home orders were put into place and drinkers embraced trends such as liquor delivery, virtual happy hours and online wine tasting. Curbside cocktails in 12 and 16-ounce bottles particularly helped Waldo Thai make up for its lost revenue from dine-in customers.

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The Pandemic Has Changed The Way Kansas City Drinks, But Age-Old Addiction Concerns Remain

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Experts say a bit of extra drinking isn’t a problem for many people, but they recommend watching out for warning signs.

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Why Only 1 in 8 People Get Treatment for Addiction

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According to the survey, as many as 20.7 million people are in need of treatment for substance abuse in the United States and yet, only 2.5 million will receive treatment.


Here’s What Happens If Your Substance Abuse Goes Untreated

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Seeking treatment for addiction can seem like a daunting task at first, but letting substance abuse go untreated can lead to a variety of negative consequences beyond just your health.

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Health Professionals Warn of Looming Mental Health Crisis

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“COVID-19 has really created the perfect storm for people that suffer from addiction and mental illness,” said Dr. Sarah Johnson, the chief medical officer from Landmark Recovery.