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Former NAATP President Joins Landmark Recovery

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A 20-year veteran in the field of recovery, Walsh has previously served as CEO of Duke Behavioral Health, a consulting, intervention and coaching firm. He will continue to assist Duke while working with Landmark in his new role.


Recovery Industry Leader, Michael Walsh, Joins Landmark Recovery as Director of Clinical Outreach

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Landmark Recovery announced today the hiring of Michael Walsh as the new Director of Clinical Outreach. Walsh has over 20 years of experience in the recovery field, and is joining Landmark to bolster their national brand and nurture relationships. With Walsh on board, Landmark plans to provide education and collaboration with national organizations to expand avenues and opportunities for people to get into long-term sustainable recovery.

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Addiction Recovery in the Age of Coronavirus

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Organizations are tweaking their services during the COVID-19 outbreak to offer accountability and community from afar.


How To Tell If You Have Coronavirus Or If You’re Experiencing Anxiety

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Some of the symptoms associated with anxiety and COVID-19 can overlap. Because of that, it can be hard to determine what you’re experiencing in the moment when you’re spiraling. Here’s what you need to know.

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Addiction Treatment Providers Navigate Struggles, Present Solutions in Light of COVID-19

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While it’s relatively easy to deliver mental health counseling remotely using telehealth, addiction treatment providers face more unique challenges in light of COVID-19.


40 Ways to Maintain Social Ties During the Coronavirus Quarantine

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Humans crave social interaction but a coronavirus quarantine isn’t exactly the best way to cater to that—or is it? Experts note that during this time of social distancing and staying in, you don’t have to let your relationships fizzle.

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A Quick Guide On What To Do About Your Doctors’ Appointments

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With nearly everything closed ― schools, public buildings, bars, restaurants, and beyond ― the country is being told to limit outings to essential errands only. But do doctors’ appointments count as essential?

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Addicts in recovery adjust to social distancing

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“So we went out and bought a bunch of iPads,” said Patrick Kullman, the executive director at Landmark Recovery. “So our residents have the ability to Facetime, Skype, or use any type of video chat platform that’s out there to talk with their loved ones."

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Veterans Club Aims to Preserve Connections

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Social distancing is an important safeguard against COVID-19. However, a veteran group is trying to make sure veterans don’t fall into the habit of isolating themselves.


Teaching Your Kids to Express Themselves is the Key to Helping Them Learn to Say No to Drugs

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"Just say no" lessons are largely considered a thing of the past. Experts share more effective ways for parents to teach their children to avoid peer pressure and substance use—and it starts by teaching them about feelings.