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Heroin addiction treatment in Columbus

Looking for effective and safe treatment for a heroin addiction? Landmark Recovery is proud to offer the best in Columbus, along with all the necessary resources to make your time with us a success. We’re aiming to put you back on the track to a life of recovery so you can live a substance-free life.

What is heroin?

Heroin is the common name of diacetylmorphine. Three times more potent than morphine, its increased lipid solubility leads to faster penetration of the blood-brain barrier. In the body, heroin is metabolized to monoacetylmorphine and morphine. Heroin can be combined with cocaine to create an even more potent mixture that heightens the effects of both drugs yet causes a multi-drug addiction scenario that’s incredibly difficult to treat, even in medical settings.

Morphine is considered the classic gold standard opiate analgesic due to its effectiveness and how easy it is to use in medical settings. Derived from the opium poppy, morphine was originally used to induce euphoria and sleep, as a painkiller, and for diarrhea and cough relief. The first scientist to isolate heroin in a lab environment was Charles Romley Alder Wright in 1874.

Heroin, a far stronger kind of opiate analgesic, was developed as an over-the-counter analgesic solution to morphine addiction by Bayer Pharmaceuticals in the late 19th century. Heroin’s commercial availability was ended permanently by the Harrison Narcotic Act in 1914. It’s less water-soluble than morphine, so it usually needs to be heated up with water to dissolve it for injection; this is typically done in a spoon with a lighter.

Even though heroin causes the user to experience a euphoric rush, it lowers the heart and breathing rate to the point where an overdose is possible, usually from not being able to breathe. The only way to stop an overdose on an opiate like heroin is by using something like Narcan, which is a competitive opioid antagonist that binds to the receptors to block the uptake of an opioid. Competitive opioid antagonists like Narcan work well because they’re faster than drugs like heroin at binding to the receptors than drugs like heroin.

Heroin stimulates vomiting due to the presence of opioid receptors in an area of the medulla called the chemoreceptor trigger zone. Needle-sharing can be common with communities of heroin users, which significantly raises the risk of getting infected with HIV. Heroin can also cause severe constipation.

Heroin use in Ohio

In the state of Ohio, only about 0.38% of people have used heroin in the past year at least once. 0.38% of those also above the age of 18 reported at least one use, with the highest group of heroin users being the 18-25 year olds, at 0.48%.

Heroin treatment

Landmark Recovery is proud to offer the best in heroin addiction treatment services to our patients. Outpatient, residential, and partial hospitalization treatment is offered at our facilities, allowing our patients to have multiple treatment paths forward. Medication assisted treatment is also provided for severe cases of withdrawal to ensure the path to a full and lasting recovery is made easy.

While here, we offer counseling and therapy to treat the root causes of addiction as part of our holistic treatment program. 12-step programs, including AA and NA, are available for patients so they can reinforce their recovery education and build relationships with figures that might help them build accountability and lasting friendships. After you leave our care and supervision, we give graduates access to a nationwide alumni association with as many post-treatment educational opportunities as possible.

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