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Alcohol Treatment Center in Connecticut

Alcohol Treatment in Connecticut

Looking for an effective treatment regimen for alcohol abuse in Connecticut? Landmark Recovery has your back. We offer the most robust, well-rounded treatment programs in the nation right here in New London.

What is alcohol?

Ethyl alcohol is the technical name for the molecule we refer to as simply “alcohol”. Alcohol is rapidly and completely absorbed by the body in the intestines and stomach. When alcohol enters the bloodstream, it gets evenly distributed throughout the body. It can cross the blood-brain barrier almost immediately and completely freely. This is partly why drinking when you’re pregnant is so dangerous—it can infiltrate the fetus incredibly easy, and the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) will be the same as the mother’s.

Women have a tougher time at metabolizing alcohol due to a lower amount of alcohol-metabolizing enzymes compared to men. The CDC has recommended different amounts of alcohol in single setting drinking sessions: 1 for women and 2 for men daily.

The CDC also defines anything above the recommended moderate intake as excessive drinking. Excessive drinking can be binge drinking or heavy drinking. Binge drinking is done in a single setting and is 4 or more drinks for women or 5 or more drinks per man. Here’s where the dramatic divide between the sexes appears: over a week-long period, heavy drinking is 8 drinks or more for women and 15 drinks or more for men. Even though about a third of Americans binge drink at least once per year, most binge drinkers aren’t alcohol dependent.

Alcohol has several side effects, ranging from slurred speech to slowed reflexes. If enough alcohol is drunk, you can get alcohol poisoning, requiring hospitalization. Alcohol acts as a CNS depressant on your system and a stimulant in smaller amounts. Long-term alcohol abuse can damage the liver and harm your mental health. Tolerance can be gained to alcohol for short- and long-term users. Acute alcohol use increases the risk of developing liver cancer and can damage nerve cells in the body.

Alcohol use in CT

In the state of Connecticut, 64.73% of those 18 or older drink alcohol on a yearly basis. 30.25% of Nutmeggers binge drink. In the 18–25-year-old group, almost 50% of drinkers regularly binge drink. These numbers are close to the average in America.

 Alcohol treatment

At our facilities, Landmark Recovery offers the very best in alcohol dependence recovery services. We offer both outpatient and residential treatment paths depending on the level of your medical need. In addition to this, we offer medication assisted treatment for patients who have more severe withdrawal symptoms to make their recovery process more efficient and easier in the long run.

While here, we offer counseling and therapy to treat the root causes of addiction as part of our holistic treatment program. 12-step programs, including AA and NA, are available for patients to maximize their recovery gains with. After you leave our care and supervision, we give graduates access to a nationwide alumni association so they can have access to as many post-treatment educational opportunities as possible.

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To learn more about how Landmark Recovery can help you in your journey toward sobriety and a drug-free lifestyle, give us a call at (860) 485-7361. We’re here to make it as easy as possible to achieve your goals and dreams. Let’s get you back on your feet to live the life you deserve.

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