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Cocaine Treatment Center in Connecticut

Cocaine Treatment in Connecticut

Landmark Recovery is proud to offer addiction treatment services to the people of Connecticut. Cocaine addiction can be tough to conquer, but with Landmark Recovery, your path forward will be straight and easy. Our goal is to save as many lives as possible in the next century, starting with you.

A short history of cocaine

Derived from the coca plant in South America, cocaine is usually found in a white powder form. Coca leaves were chewed by the indigenous people of Peru and Bolivia for thousands of years as a salve and productivity drug. The usual amount of cocaine derived from chewing the coca leaf is about 200 milligrams.

In the last century or so, drink companies figured out that it was a desirable additive to their products, and it was sold legally both as an additive and solo as a drug for regular everyday people. By the 1910s, doctors and the public had figured out how addicting it was and that tolerances leading to overdoses and addiction could develop from its regular use. However, by the 1980s, it became the illicit drug of choice for the “cool kids”. Since the 80s, cocaine has fallen out of favor with more choices (cheaper drugs being the motivation for the shift) being available on the black market. Meth has been a big factor in the stabilization of cocaine use since the 90s.

Cocaine: the drug

Cocaine has many forms, the white powder form being the most common. Powder cocaine is laid out on a flat surface in lines and snorted via a straw or rolled-up dollar bill. Crack cocaine is a smoked form named for the sound it makes when heated in a crack pipe.

When cocaine is snorted, it gets absorbed in the mucous membranes, stomach, and lungs. Smoked cocaine is rapidly and fully absorbed by the body, with effects being felt almost instantaneously. Cocaine has the possibility of disrupting and harming your cardiovascular system in both the short and long term as a vasoconstrictor. The cardiac effects of cocaine are the biggest reason cocaine kills its users.

When cocaine users take the drug, it usually causes euphoria, paranoia, and hyperactivity. The blood pressure and heart rate will go up and you’ll feel a rush. Cocaine is a drug that rapidly develops tolerance in users, meaning that regular users will have to use more and more to get any effect. The more coke that’s taken, the closer you get to overdosing.

Cocaine use in Connecticut

In the state of Connecticut, 6.21% of those in the 18-25 year old age bracket have done cocaine at least once in the past year. While only 2.15% of those over the age of 18 have done cocaine in the past year, it’s still a number too high. This is where Landmark comes in.

Cocaine addiction treatment

At our facilities, Landmark Recovery offers the very best in cocaine recovery services. We offer both outpatient and residential treatment paths depending on the level of your medical need. In addition to this, we offer medication-assisted treatment for patients who have more severe withdrawal symptoms to make their recovery process more efficient and easier in the long run.

While here, we offer counseling and therapy to treat the root causes of addiction as part of our holistic treatment program. 12-step programs, including AA and NA, are available for patients to maximize their recovery gains with. After you leave our care and supervision, we give graduates access to a nationwide alumni association so they can have access to as many post-treatment educational opportunities as possible.

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To learn more about how Landmark Recovery can help you in your journey toward sobriety and a drug-free lifestyle, give us a call at (860) 485-7361. We’re here to make it as easy as possible to achieve your goals and dreams. Let’s make some magic happen.

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