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Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Aurora

Cocaine Treatment

Have you reached your breaking point with cocaine addiction? Do you want your life back? Wherever you are in your journey, Landmark Recovery is ready to help you reach sobriety and treat the underlying causes of your addiction.

What Is Cocaine?

Cocaine is an addictive and stimulating drug made from the leaves of the coca plant and is typically a fine, white, crystal powder.1 Another popular form of the drug is crack cocaine, where the solid crystal form is heated then inhaled.  

Why is cocaine so addictive? The intense euphoria, or “high,” that is experienced while smoking or injecting cocaine is a result of the drug causing a build-up of dopamine in nerve cells, which then floods into the brain’s reward circuit. However, the effects do not last long. An individual tends to crash after this high, causing mental and physical exhaustion, and even depression.2 Individuals also quickly build a tolerance to cocaine, which often means they must repeatedly take more of the drug – or binge – to achieve the same high.3

The danger of using more cocaine to increase the “high” is cocaine overdose. If the drug reaches a toxic level in the body, a person can have a severe reaction.4 A cocaine overdose can lead to a heart attack, stroke, or seizure, as well as death. Signs of an overdose include elevated heart rate, rise in body temperature, nausea and vomiting, pain in the chest, and tremors.

The Effects of Cocaine

The effects of cocaine can vary depending on a person’s size, weight, health, and the amount of the drug they use. This is why using cocaine is so dangerous: a dosage that does not affect one person may have devastating effects for someone else.5 But most individuals using cocaine tend to experience:6

  • Anxiety, paranoia, irritability, or agitation
  • Headaches or dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Dilated pupils
  • Higher blood pressure and a faster heartbeat
  • Higher body temperature
  • Insomnia
  • Unpredictable, violent, or aggressive behavior
  • Numbness to pain
  • Loss of appetite

Cocaine psychosis can occur with higher doses or heavy use of cocaine and can last for several days or even weeks. A person experiencing psychosis may be paranoid, experience hallucinations, have unusual thoughts, or act out of character.

The lasting health effects of using cocaine depend on the way it is used. Consuming cocaine through the mouth can result in bowel decay; smoking can lead to respiratory distress, asthma, and a greater risk of infections like pneumonia; and snorting can cause problems swallowing and even cause a loss of smell. For some, the long-term use of inhaling cocaine can lead to respiratory syndrome or even the erosion of the upper nasal cavity. Another long-term effect of using cocaine is malnutrition.7 This is due to cocaine decreasing an individual’s appetite.

Cocaine abuse in Colorado

In 2019, Colorado had the highest rate of cocaine use in the nation. What’s more, individuals ages 18-25 were the biggest consumers, and the percentage of this age group that reported using cocaine (10.98%) was more than twice the national average.8 More recently, the total overdose deaths in Colorado (from heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine combined) totaled 1,223 in 2020. This number was a 20% increase from 2019, according to the state health department, and is projected to keep rising.9

Cocaine Rehabilitation at Landmark

Because of its highly addictive nature, cocaine requires professional treatment for the best chance of recovery and sobriety.

Landmark Recovery offers a full continuum of care for our patients. By first removing all traces of cocaine from your system, our team provides medication-assisted detox to safely manage the side effects as your body goes through withdrawal. The most common cocaine withdrawal symptoms are anxiety, depression, and cravings, all of which begin within hours of stopping use and can continue for weeks.10 At Landmark, we provide around-the-clock care and administer necessary prescriptions like buprenorphine to curb these symptoms and keep you comfortable.

Once you have completed detox, our healthcare staff will transition treatment to tackling the underlying causes that lead to your addiction. Regardless of your treatment plan with us – residential, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient – you will receive one-on-one and group therapy to learn life tools that will help you recover and stay sober. Behavioral therapy, specifically, is a cornerstone of our cocaine addiction treatment.

Even when you graduate from Landmark Recovery, you will not leave our facility without support. Some of the features that make our alumni program one the strongest around include our written discharge plan, personal recovery coaches, and access to our 12 step meetings and SMART Recovery. One thing is for sure: you no longer have to face your addiction alone.

Receive Treatment for Cocaine Abuse

If you or a loved one is battling an addiction to cocaine, Landmark Recovery offers hope for the future. Give Landmark Recovery of Denver a call at (720) 702-9994 to take the next step towards achieving lasting recovery.

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