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Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

Opioid Recovery

At Landmark Recovery of Denver, our rehab treatment follows the full continuum of care. Our programs include medication-assisted detox, residential, partial hospitalization, and outpatient treatment. The cornerstone of our treatment is behavioral therapy, an approach that aims to treat the underlying causes of your addiction.

The Greatest Risk of Using Opioids: Overdose

In 2018, Colorado reported 564 opioid-related overdose deaths. This included prescription opioids, but also heroin and synthetic opioids.  1 Shockingly, the opioid death rate rose to 1,062 in 2019, specifically because the number of fentanyl-related deaths doubled.  2 As for residents in need of substance abuse treatment in 2019, the state of Colorado did not reach 68% of this population.

Over the last two decades, the annual overdose deaths in the U.S. involving heroin and other opioids grew exponentially. In 1999, the death toll was roughly 2,000 deaths, but that number grew to more than 14,000 deaths by 2019.  3 And the impact of opioid use and abuse continues to be deadly. As the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the United States in 2020, so did opioid overdoses; a heartbreaking record of 93,000 people overdosed, with more than 60% of those deaths involving fentanyl.  4

Fentanyl is currently the most powerful painkiller and the most dangerous of opioids; the strength of fentanyl means the effects are felt at much lower doses, making it potentially lethal to use fentanyl outside a medical setting. Recently, much street-level heroin in the U.S. has been cut with fentanyl, leading to a spike in overdose rates. That’s one of the dangers of fentanyl – people don’t always know they are using it. Heroin is a more common opioid people are using; a recent study found that one-third of individuals struggling from opioid use disorder said that heroin was the first opioid they used to get high.  5

Landmark’s Opioid Use Disorder Treatment & Medication

Admitting your dependence on opioids or other substances is the first step toward your recovery. At Landmark Recovery of Denver, we are ready to help you safely discontinue your opioid use and lay the groundwork for maintaining long-term sobriety.

Our opioid addiction treatment center in Aurora, Colorado, proudly offers evidence-based therapies and detox services that are easily accessible for residents in the state of Colorado and surrounding areas. Right from the start, you will go through our medically supervised detoxification program to remove the drug from your system successfully and avoid uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Our clinical specialists will provide around-the-clock care to keep you safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. Depending on the severity of your addiction, you may be prescribed FDA-approved medications – such as methadone, buprenorphine, or naloxone – to alleviate the discomfort of withdrawal and to help reduce cravings. 6

Once you are stabilized, you will enter Landmark Recovery’s therapy phase of drug recovery, which can include behavioral therapy, health and wellness education, and medication-assisted treatment. Our personalized programs and dedication to our patients offer you the best chance of success, and our alumni system is one of the strongest around.

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