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Alcohol Treatment in Knoxville

Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol is one of the most widely available and socially acceptable mind-altering and mood-altering substances, which can make a growing dependency on alcohol difficult to spot before its effects begin to negatively impact an individual’s life. Alcohol use disorder affects individuals of all classes, ethnicities, and social groups in every corner of the U.S. If you or a loved one are struggling with a dependency on alcohol or an alcohol use disorder, Landmark Recovery of Knoxville offers a holistic, individualized approach to alcohol treatment.

Alcohol Abuse & Its Effects

Abusing alcohol shows itself as binge drinking and heavy alcohol use, both of which increase an individual’s risk of bodily injuries and also health problems. The NIAAA defines heavy drinking as consuming more than four drinks on any day or more than 14 drinks in a week for men; for women, it is consuming more than three on any day or more than seven in a week. 1

Additionally, over 200 diseases and injury-related conditions are linked to drinking alcohol. Some of the health risks of abusing alcohol include:

  • Increased risk of breast cancer in women
  • Increased risk of liver disease, cardiovascular diseases, and stomach bleeding
  • Cancers of the oral cavity, esophagus, larynx, pharynx, liver, colon, and rectum
  • Increased difficulty managing diabetes, high blood pressure, pain, and sleep disorders
  • Increased risk of depression
  • Increased risk of unsafe sexual behavior

The effects of alcohol use disorder are equally as consequential when they begin to negatively impact an individual’s daily life, from straining personal relationships at home and at work to influencing one’s mental health, whether it be anxiety or depression.

Alcohol abuse also affects the family as a whole and not just the individual. One of the most common reasons an individual, or family, do not seek treatment for an individual’s alcohol abuse or growing addiction is because they minimize its impact, thinking, It’s not so bad, or It could be worse. An alcohol problem within a family system also increases the risk for substance abuse by other family members, not to mention mental and physical health problems due to the high-stress environment. 2

How our Knoxville alcohol treatment program works

Your alcohol addiction will not treat itself, but it is possible to begin taking steps in order to regain control of your life and live beyond your addiction. The next step is to find the right alcohol treatment program.

At Landmark Recovery, you can first expect to go through our alcohol detox to flush the substance from your system. Due to the dangerous and unpredictable nature of alcohol withdrawal, Landmark Recovery’s Knoxville-area alcohol treatment center offers medical detox services. Our clinical specialists will provide supportive care and around-the-clock monitoring to make sure that you remain safe and comfortable throughout the entire detox process.

Following the completion of alcohol detox, you will be ready to transition into your personalized alcohol treatment program at Landmark Recovery where you will participate in evidence-based behavioral therapies and counseling to identify the false beliefs and underlying thoughts that drive your addiction. You also will learn and develop healthy behaviors and coping skills to prevent relapse and work toward sobriety.

Our approach is a holistic one, in which we involve the body, mind, and spirit in breaking free from addiction, and with the larger goal of transformation. You will experience a variety of proven treatments and alternative therapies that will set you up for success following detox and rehab, including medication-assisted treatment, family therapy, peer support groups, health and wellness education, recreational activities, and more.

How can I get more information on alcohol treatment in Knoxville?

Landmark Recovery’s personalized alcohol treatment can help you quit drinking, stay sober, and inspire you to live the life you dreamed. Please call our Knoxville-area alcohol treatment center at (865) 448-5174 to learn more about our medical detox and alcohol treatment programs.

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