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Cocaine Treatment in Knoxville

Cocaine Treatment

Finding the right treatment for cocaine addiction is important. Wherever you are in your journey toward achieving permanent sobriety, Landmark Recovery can help. This is why Landmark offers Knoxville residents the best cocaine treatment option available to help Knoxville stay on the path to success.

We offer evidence-based, holistic treatment geared toward Knoxville residents and those in surrounding areas. Our goal is to save as many lives as possible in the next century, and we want to start with you. Let us be your first line of defense against addiction.

What is cocaine?

Cocaine is a substance, usually an insufflated powder, that is derived from the coca leaf—a plant found endemically in South and Central America. There’s significant historical evidence that the coca leaf has been used by South American indigenous people for millennia, back to the Incan Empire and beyond.

Cocaine is used in crystal or powder form. Powder cocaine can be insufflated or injected into the veins via dissolving it in water, while crack cocaine is heated and smoked for a more intense high. Cocaine increases dopamine levels in the brain, producing stimulation and pleasure.

Cocaine is highly addictive and both short- and long-term use can result in serious health issues, including increased risk for overdose leading to seizures and death. It can severely damage the cardiovascular system via increased blood pressure and a host of other negative effects on long-term users.

Reusing straws or tubes to insufflate cocaine for those who prefer the snorting method can introduce cross-infection risks for Hepatitis C. Use of cocaine can also increase your odds of contracting HIV through risky behavior under the influence and there is also evidence that your body’s cells have a higher chance of HIV uptake when using cocaine.

Cocaine abuse in Tennessee

About 1.5 million Americans use cocaine on a yearly basis. Over 10% of individuals 12 and older in Tennessee use an illicit drug in any given month. 1.64% of adults in Tennessee used cocaine at least once sometime between 2018 and 2019. 2.78% ended up seeking out treatment for a substance abuse disorder.

Over 6% of Tennesseans need treatment for substance use every year, but don’t seek out the help they need. Landmark Recovery is your first contact for resources on treatment and seeking personal help. Our facilities and staff offer a full continuum of care, including residential and outpatient treatment services personalized to treat you in the way you need. Landmark also offers medication-assisted treatment as needed for severe withdrawal symptoms by our staff. There are currently no approved drugs that directly treat cocaine abuse. Disulfiram shows promise, but scientists don’t exactly know why it works in some people and not in others.

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Cocaine is a very dangerous drug that can cause irreparable damage to the lives of both you and your loved ones. Let us help you face your cocaine addiction and get on the road to wellness and recovery. Landmark Recovery is proud to offer science-backed, evidence-based treatment at our cocaine addiction treatment program in Knoxville.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Landmark offers for treatment, give us a call at (865) 448-5174 today. We want to offer the best treatment an individual can get wherever they are. Ensuring families are as healthy as possible is our goal, and helping you live your best life is the highest good we can do.

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