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Marijuana Rehab in Knoxville

Knoxville Marijuana Rehab

Rehabilitation, or “rehab,” is a lifeline for anyone struggling with a substance abuse issue, including marijuana. At Landmark Recovery of Knoxville, we want to walk with you through your marijuana rehab.

Our goal? We want to see you achieve both physical and mental wellness to not only navigate the world sober but also to live the life you dreamed of before addiction.

Our Full Continuum of Care for Marijuana Rehab

For those struggling with a marijuana use disorder, Landmark Recovery of Knoxville offers a full continuum of care including medically assisted detox treatment, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient. Regardless of your situation, we know that no other team is committed to providing you with the best-personalized treatment plan as you begin this journey of recovery.

If needed, we offer a medically assisted detox process at our Knoxville facility so we can safely manage any effects of marijuana withdrawal you may have. Depending on the severity of your substance use and dependency, we also offer residential treatment so we can supervise your withdrawal.

For less intensive cases, we offer partial hospitalization for patients who do not require stabilization for withdrawal but need a transitional program for integrating back into everyday life in their community. Another option is our intensive outpatient program for those who need an ongoing support program but without the inpatient stay.

While being treated for your marijuana dependence, you also will have access to a variety of therapeutic and counseling options. This is where you will focus more intently on your personal journey and experiences to treat the underlying conditions of your addiction. We will cover all aspects of addiction (including the possible origins of it) and work from the belief that recovery is a lifelong learning process.

Even when you physically leave our facility, our strong alumni program – made up of Landmark staff who also have completed our programs – will continue to encourage you to stay connected with a community that supports your sobriety and growth. You will be assigned a recovery coach and can stay plugged in through various events such as SMART Recovery, 12 step meetings, and monthly alumni symposiums.

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