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Meth Treatment in Knoxville

Meth Treatment

Looking for meth addiction treatment in Tennessee? Landmark Recovery is dedicated to helping individuals maintain a drug-free lifestyle through evidence-based treatment methods and multiple paths of therapy and counseling. We believe in a holistic, person-centered process that aims to achieve lasting recovery in the long term.

What is meth?

Methamphetamine is a stimulant drug that imposes harsh medical consequences on all abusers of the substance. It can rot your teeth, destroy brain matter, and demolish houses via meth lab explosion. Meth causes permanent damage to a user’s cognitive ability, and the fullest recovery an individual can attain takes about two years. The damage meth can cause families is incalculable. This is part of the reason why we offer group counseling for families with a member in recovery.

According to a 2017 survey, around 964,000 Americans were abusing methamphetamine, up from 684,000 the previous year. Just over 10,000 psychostimulant users suffered an overdose death. 23 years old is the average age at which meth users start using meth. Despite the young age at which meth users start using, the use of meth in adolescent populations has significantly declined since the all-time high in the late 90s, when over 70,000 adolescents were abusing methamphetamines (both the powder and crystal form).

Meth addiction in Tennessee

1.09% of adults in Tennessee used meth between 2018 and 2019 at least once. At any point in a year, Tennessee can have up to 800 meth labs in operation. According to SAMHSA, around 43,000 individuals above the age of 12 reported using meth between 2017 and 2018.

Treating methamphetamine addiction

Long-term recovery can be difficult for new patients. Most patients will suffer a relapse to some degree, but if we can prevent a single relapse, then we’re succeeding at getting you on the right track. Don’t be ashamed if you need continuing help due to relapse or the inability to kick habitual behavior immediately—it takes time, which we have plenty of to help you with as an organization. We’re extremely dedicated to ensuring our patients see this process through all the way to full and lasting recovery.

For Tennessee patients in need of supervised meth detox, our residential treatment is available. We offer an outpatient program as well where you commute to our facility from home but spend the whole day here participating in various kinds of therapy, activities, and counseling for several weeks. Our staff is well-trained with expert knowledge on treating addiction.

Psychostimulant detoxification is complicated since withdrawal happens from a primarily psychological and neurological angle compared to alcohol or opioid detoxification. When detoxing, the accompanying depressive crash takes longer than most other drugs. Part of the reason this lasts for a while is that meth will alter how your brain produces and absorbs dopamine. Cue-induced cravings can happen when recovering from meth, which can be overcome to a degree through distraction and time management, including behavioral therapy offered by Landmark.

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Give us a call at 865-448-5174 today if you are interested in learning more about what Landmark offers for treatment. Our desire is to offer the best treatment an individual can get at whatever point they’re in on their journey to full and lasting recovery. Ensuring Tennesseans are as healthy as possible moving forward is our goal, and helping you live beyond your addiction is the highest good we can do.

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