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Meth Rehab in Las Vegas

Meth rehab center in Las Vegas

Are you struggling with a dependence on or the abuse of methamphetamine or other stimulants? Landmark Recovery of Las Vegas can help. 1 Our staff of highly trained and licensed professionals at our detox 2 and treatment 3 center will walk you down the path of substance abuse treatment into lifelong, lasting rehabilitation.

Landmark is firmly committed to saving as many lives as possible in the next century. Let us be your first choice in taking care of you and your loved ones as we work towards our ambitious goal.

What is methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine produces a wildly euphoric sensation for the user. Meth is a horrific substance that carries harsh legal penalties and significant negative health consequences. 4 Meth is well known as a drug that produces health outcomes like “meth mouth” and a strong risk of skin infections. No one wants to become a victim to these kinds of outcomes.

Not only is meth itself very harmful to a person’s health, it’s dangerous to even attempt manufacturing. Oftentimes someone will attempt cooking the substance, even while under the influence, only to cause virtually instantaneous combustion once an open flame makes contact with the mixture, fumes, or chemicals that splatter when something in the process explodes. 5 Meth labs are sometimes hard to spot, but you should learn the signs. 6

Meth often causes semi-permanent neurological and cognitive decline in users, but there’s evidence that some of the lost function can return if prolonged recovery is maintained for at least two years. 7

Meth use in Nevada

In 2017, the overdose death rate in Nevada from psychostimulant use (which includes methamphetamine) was 8.3 per 100,000 overdoses. The Nevada death rate for psychostimulants in 2017 was firmly between the national average and West Virginia, which placed first in psychostimulant deaths according to the same data set from the Department of Health and Human Services. 8 This number could be far better, and the hope is that it trends downward as time goes on and treatment becomes more readily available 9 to the general public.

By the time a 2018 news report from the Reno Gazette Journal was published, Nevada’s death rate from meth and stimulant abuse was the highest in the US. 10 The Las Vegas Review Journal points out that meth is actually quite cheap compared to other street drugs and rather easy to manufacture in Central and South America 11 , leading to its wide availability to substance abusers across the area. Meth is incredibly dangerous due to how addictive and harmful its effects are to the body itself. 12

Landmark’s rehabilitation services

Are you struggling with meth addiction or do you know someone who is? Landmark is the perfect place to reach out to for more information on rehab treatment in Las Vegas. Treatment at Landmark takes the form of detox, which then flows into group and individual counseling, nutrition and exercise, and 12-step support groups. 13 Landmark also offers inpatient and outpatient services. Give us a call at  725-217-9910 for more information on our programs.

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