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Substance Abuse Detox Center in Las Vegas, NV | Landmark Recovery

Substance Abuse Detox in Las Vegas

No matter what substance you use, be it drugs or alcohol, detox from long-term addiction can be a hard road. Landmark Recovery of Las Vegas provides safe, medically sound detox treatment that will manage your withdrawal and start you on the road to recovery.

Substance abuse in Nevada

Many people living in Nevada have been impacted by the negative consequences of substance abuse and addiction. According to autopsy and toxicology reports, 1,682 deaths related to alcohol and drugs were recorded in 2018, including 372 opioid overdose deaths and more than 1,000 alcohol-related deaths. 1 In the same year, there were also 64,502 emergency department visits and 52,632 inpatient admissions to Nevada hospitals that were related to drugs and alcohol.

Recent findings from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicate that approximately 1 in 2 Nevada residents currently drinks alcohol, 1 in 4 recently engaged in binge drinking, 1 in 7 use marijuana, 1 in 22 misuse prescription opioids, 1 in 44 use cocaine, 1 in 76 use methamphetamines, and 1 in 294 use heroin. 2 The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration also estimates that there are approximately 218,000 Nevada residents currently struggling with some form of substance addiction. 2 This includes 139,00 Nevada residents suffering from alcoholism, 101,000 with an addiction to an illegal drug, and 18,000 prescription opioid addicts.

Substance abuse detox in Las Vegas

Are you struggling to free yourself from drug or alcohol addiction? Are you ready to get help from addiction treatment? The good news is that effective help is available. However, before you can begin any form of structured addiction treatment, you must first prepare your body and mind for rehabilitation. This is accomplished through detox, a critical process that involves clearing all traces of drugs, alcohol, and accumulated toxins from your system, at one of your local Las Vegas rehab centers.

For many individuals, detox represents the most difficult stage of the recovery journey. This is because as addictive substances are being flushed out of the body, the brain typically goes into withdrawal as it adjusts to normal functioning without the presence of drugs or alcohol. Depending on the substance of abuse and length and severity of addiction, you can experience a range of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking or using drugs. Symptoms of withdrawal may include: 3

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle cramps
  • Fever
  • Cold sweats
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Intense cravings

Unfortunately, the pain and discomfort of withdrawal drive many individuals to immediate relapse, quickly derailing any attempt of long term recovery. Withdrawal from certain substances, such as opioids and alcohol, can also cause severe physical symptoms, some of which can become life-threatening if not properly addressed with substance abuse addiction treatment. 3 For example, a small number of individuals detoxing from alcohol may experience delirium tremens, a dangerous condition characterized by hallucinations, seizures, high fever, elevated heart rate and blood pressure, confusion, extreme agitation, and excessive sweating. According to a recent report published in The New England Journal of Medicine, 1 in 25 individuals with delirium tremens will die from the effects of this condition if they are not promptly treated at an addiction treatment center. 4 Due to the high risk of relapse and other potential dangers associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal, it is highly recommended that individuals suffering from addiction abstain from going “cold turkey” at home alone and instead detox under medical supervision at a professional detox center.

Landmark Recovery of Las Vegas is a premier treatment facility and recovery center that offers substance abuse detox services to Nevada residents of all ages and backgrounds. We also welcome out-of-state patients who wish to begin their recovery journey in a comfortable facility that is far from the people and distractions of home. Our state-of-the-art substance abuse detox center, conveniently located in Las Vegas just minutes from U.S. Route 95, provides a secure environment where you can comfortably detox, free from the influence of outside triggers and temptations.

Landmark Recovery of Las Vegas develops personalized detox treatment plans for all clients, ensuring that you receive care that is tailored to your specific addiction needs and recovery goals. Our team of clinical specialists will carefully manage the physical and emotional symptoms of your withdrawal, keeping you safe and comfortable throughout the entire drug and alcohol detox process. Physicians and psychiatrists can prescribe medications that can help reduce intense cravings and alleviate specific negative symptoms of withdrawal. Your dedicated treatment center medical team will also provide around-the-clock monitoring, watching for any signs of medical complications that can arise during withdrawal from alcohol and drugs.

Because drug detox by itself is not a treatment for addiction, you will be smoothly transitioned into substance abuse treatment once you are deemed medically stabilized. Landmark Recovery’s Las Vegas, NV drug and alcohol rehab incorporates a wide variety of evidence-based therapies into our holistic treatment programs, including proven interventions such as individual and group counseling, behavioral therapy, medication management, prescription assisted treatment, health and wellness education, meditation and mindfulness activities, fitness and exercise, and recreational activities. 5

How can I get more information on substance abuse treatment programs in Las Vegas, Nevada?

If you, or a loved one, is struggling with substance abuse addiction of drugs or alcohol, and want to seek addiction treatment, call us at 725-217-9910 to learn more about the substance abuse detox programs offered at our Landmark Recovery of Las Vegas substance abuse detox and rehab center.

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