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Addiction Treatment Overview

Kentucky is on the forefront of the battle against addiction. Prescription opioid, heroin, and methamphetamine abuse have destroyed lives and leveled communities across Kentucky, making it the fifth leading state in the nation for fatalities from drug overdose. Landmark Recovery of Louisville was founded in order to fight addiction and restore hope, function, and purpose to the lives and families of those held hostage by addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our team of highly qualified professionals offers a comprehensive, 30-day residential treatment program catered to each patient’s individual needs, goals and diagnoses. The program starts with an initial assessment by a physician or nurse practitioner to determine whether detoxification or anti-craving medication is necessary. Treatment continues with individual and group therapy by licensed master-level counselors. Core family members are brought into the process through extensive family counseling and education. At the conclusion of the stay, each patient receives consistent follow-up support from our staff and detailed action plans designed to help them stay well for life.

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Services and Care

No single addiction is exactly alike. We design and develop treatment programs to match the individual needs of our patients.

State of Addiction: Kentucky

The price of drug addiction seems to be rising higher every year. There is the toll it takes on lives and relationships, the lives it claims on a daily basis, and the loss in productivity and rising health care costs, plus the money spent fighting drug-related crimes.

  • Kentucky ranks fifth in the U.S. for drug overdose death rates
  • In 2017, the state witnessed a record 1,565 fatal drug overdoses
  • From 2016 to 2017, methamphetamine related deaths more than doubled
  • Fentanyl was present in more than half of all overdose deaths

“By bringing together subject matter experts from prevention, treatment, recovery, and law enforcement, we are striving to find multiple pathways to reduce all opioid abuse in Louisville and the surrounding communities.”

– Timothy J. Plancon, Special Agent at the DEA

Rate of Opioid-Related Overdose Deaths in Kentucky

Outpatient Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a primary treatment program recommended by clinicians and medical staff for many individuals newly sober or in need of continuing resources to help with addiction. At Landmark Recovery of Lexington, IOP patients are able to attend multiple sessions per week while continuing to live at home and meet work and personal obligations. Whether you’ve just completed a residential treatment program or you’re simply seeking an ongoing program to keep you motivated and focused on sobriety, our comprehensive IOP will give you the tools you need to stay on track with your recovery.

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2015 Alcohol-Related Deaths in Kentucky

Outpatient Rehab for Alcoholism

Outpatient rehab can be an effective means of treatment for individuals suffering from alcoholism. Outpatient treatment is less time intensive than inpatient, more affordable, and allows patients to fulfill work obligations while receiving clinical care. Our intake clinicians evaluate patients on a case-by-case basis to determine whether outpatient is the right course of action to pursue and work to set them up with the best option available.

Outpatient rehab can be a viable solution for many alcoholics because it allows individuals to receive treatment, continue working and living, and be held accountable for staying sober. A typical IOP session will last from 1-3 hours per session and can include group recovery work, individual counseling, family therapy, individual therapy, or expressive therapy. Although IOP may not be the perfect solution for every candidate, it is great for those deemed to be qualified.


State of Kentucky Drug Deaths

Outpatient Rehab for Drug Addiction

Overall, studies on outpatient treatment have found that 50 to 70 percent of participants report abstinence at follow-up, and most studies found that this outcome did not differ for inpatient versus outpatient settings of care. Depending on the substance and the severity of the addiction, intensive outpatient may be the best option for an individual seeking to get sober and restore balance and function to their lives.

Outpatient rehab is recommended for individuals with substance use disorders that do not require the intensity of medical detoxification. Patients who graduate Landmark Recovery IOP for substance dependence are welcome to return back and participate in a limited amount of IOP sessions per week if they so wish. Ongoing support in the form of continued participation and contact with alumni support staff is an excellent way to increase chances of continued sobriety.


“Kentucky families are on the front lines of the battle against opioid and substance abuse and we are grateful for the help from the federal government to respond. There are many innovative strategies in this bill that I believe can make the difference in our fight.”

– Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senator, Senate Majority Leader

Kentucky Fights Back

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell helped secure roughly $5.6 million in funding for Kentucky community health centers with the passage of a new bill through the House and Senate. Authored by McConnell, the bill, named the Comprehensive Addiction Recovery through Effective Employment and Reentry Act (CAREER) offers grants and targets funding for treatment, transitional housing, job training and placement services to help individuals in recovery find their footing and maintain sobriety. Learn more here.

We’re starting early enough to build the foundation…The earlier you start, the more you develop hope.

– Nancy Halte, UNITE CEO

Operation Unite

Operation UNITE is a large nonprofit serving multiple counties in the Appalachian area overwhelmed by the addiction crisis. UNITE offers summer camps, service clubs, and community wide events focused on keeping kids off of drugs through activities such kayaking, fishing, basketball, and learning more about substance dependency. In the Appalachia area, the average age that individuals first use drugs is about 11 years old, so early intervention can be integral to preventing abuse.

Operation Unite

Killing Pain

In the last 12 years, deaths from oxycodone and hydrocodone have quadrupled while the in the last 3 years combined more than 2,684 Oklahomans have been killed by some sort of opioid overdose. In an effort to help stem the tide of addiction-related devastation, an organization named FATE (Fighting Addiction Through Education) has released “Killing Pain”, a seven-part documentary series on the opioid addiction epidemic within the state. FATE aims to end the crisis through ongoing education about the scope of the problem and the kinds of solutions it will take to help. They worked with government leaders, business leaders, law enforcement, and addiction experts in order to craft this documentary, drawing on investigative journalism and interviews with experts to accurately tell the story.

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