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Cocaine Rehab in Louisville

Getting professional treatment for cocaine abuse at the right facility is important. Landmark Recovery’s Louisville center offers evidence-based, personalized treatment plans for drug abuse.

The effects of cocaine use

Cocaine is a highly addictive substance and stimulant drug that is produced from the leaves of the coca plant. 1 The two most common forms of the drug are powder cocaine, which can be snorted, rubbed on the gums, or dissolved in water and injected, and a solid crystal form of freebase cocaine (commonly referred to as crack) that is smoked. 2

Cocaine increases dopamine levels in the brain and makes people feel euphoric, alert, and energetic. 1 Cocaine also causes anxiety and agitation and raises heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. 3 Regular cocaine use leads to a variety of cardiovascular, neurological, and mental health problems, as well as an increased risk for seizures, stroke, heart attack, and death. 4 Due to cocaine’s interaction with the reward center of the brain, repeated use can quickly develop into cocaine dependence and addiction. 5

Cocaine abuse in Kentucky

Cocaine is one of the most abused stimulants in Kentucky. According to findings from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, an estimated 2% of residents (aged 12 or older) used cocaine in the past year.6 Cocaine use was highest among young adults, with 5% of Kentucky residents aged 18-25 reporting past-year cocaine use. Cocaine abuse is also an issue among Kentucky high school students, as 1% of high school seniors currently use cocaine and around 2% report using cocaine at least once in the past year. 7

Cocaine is the second most frequently used substance in Kentucky’s addiction treatment population. According to the most recent Treatment Episode Data Set, 5.3% of all individuals admitted to Kentucky drug rehab programs in 2019 suffered from cocaine addiction. 8

Cocaine rehab programs in Louisville

Quitting cocaine without the help of drug treatment, especially for those who abuse cocaine with other substances, can be very difficult. Seeking help from a professional drug rehab center in Louisville will provide you with the safest and most effective path to recovery from cocaine addiction.

Landmark Recovery offers evidence-based cocaine addiction treatment at our cocaine rehab center locally based in Louisville. Depending on the nature of your addiction and drug abuse, cocaine rehab services can be received through a combination of residential, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization treatment programs.

The first stage of a cocaine rehab program is detox, a process that involves flushing out all traces of cocaine from your body. Detox can be extremely uncomfortable if you have developed a dependence on cocaine, as you will experience painful withdrawal symptoms once you suddenly quit taking the drug. Symptoms of cocaine withdrawal may include: 9

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Restlessness
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Agitation
  • Mood swings
  • Paranoia
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Intense cravings for cocaine

Cocaine withdrawal differs from other drugs because symptoms are predominantly psychological. In many cases, there is an absence of physical symptoms (such as tremors, nausea, or vomiting that are often seen during withdrawal from other substances). However, this lack of physical symptoms doesn’t mean that cocaine detox is any less uncomfortable. In fact, the intense cravings and severe psychological disturbances that are experienced during withdrawal from this drug can make cocaine detox an extremely painful and risky process. For some people, the severe depression associated with cocaine withdrawal can even lead to suicidal thoughts and actions. 9

The medical detox program at Landmark Recovery of Louisville can keep you safe and comfortable as your body detoxifies from cocaine. Our trained clinical specialists provide around-the-clock supportive care and treatment and will promptly address any medical complications that may arise. Although no medications have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of cocaine addiction, Landmark Recovery utilizes several medications marketed for other diseases that have been shown to be effective in offsetting withdrawal symptoms and reducing cocaine use within controlled clinical trials. 10

Once you are stabilized and sober, you will be ready to transition into the therapy stage of our cocaine rehab program. The cornerstone of Landmark’s cocaine rehab center is behavioral therapy, a form of treatment that addresses incorrect thinking patterns and poor coping skills. Based on findings from recent clinical studies, our cocaine rehab programs use several science-backed behavioral therapies to effectively treat cocaine abuse and addiction.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy helps promote the development of alternative coping skills and focuses on changing behaviors and thought patterns related to cocaine use. 11
  • Motivational interviewing is a counseling technique that avoids confrontation and focuses on helping motivate individuals to remain engaged with the treatment process. 12
  • Contingency management (CM) is a type of treatment approach that is used to improve retention in treatment by rewarding healthy behaviors that are in line with treatment objectives. 13

Our personalized treatment programs in Louisville incorporate proven behavioral therapies into individual and group counseling sessions, where you will receive support and encouragement, identify the root causes of your addiction, and develop the tools needed to prevent relapse and maintain long-term sobriety from cocaine.

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