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Heroin Recovery in Louisville

Heroin recovery requires treatments that help heal the underlying conditions that cause addiction. Landmark Recovery of Louisville’s heroin addiction rehab center provides medical detox services and evidence-based treatment that will help you overcome heroin addiction.

Heroin Abuse in Kentucky

Heroin is an illegal, highly addictive opioid drug that has devastated the lives of countless Kentucky residents, including in Louisville. According to a recent survey, at least 1 in 5 Kentuckians knows someone who has a heroin problem and 1 out of every 4 adults living in Louisville has a family member, friend or person they know with problems related to heroin use. 1

There were 166 heroin-related overdose deaths in 2019, which accounted for 13% of all overdose fatalities in Kentucky. 2 Tragically, a newly published study found that the social and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the risk of heroin overdose among Kentuckians who struggle with addiction to opioids. 3

Findings from a recent national survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration indicate that 0.4% of Kentucky residents aged 12 or over reported the use of heroin in the past year. 4 Heroin is most popular among young adults, as approximately 0.7% of Kentuckians aged 18 to 25 report past-year use. Among adolescents, 1.8% of Kentucky high school students report that they used heroin at least one time during their life, according to results from the 2019 High School Youth Risk Behavior Survey. 5

Heroin Addiction Recovery in Louisville

Heroin addiction is a debilitating disease that wreaks havoc on the body and mind. Fortunately, research shows that a comprehensive substance use disorder treatment approach that includes FDA-approved medications with counseling and other behavioral therapies (commonly referred to as medication-assisted treatment or MAT) can support recovery from heroin addiction. 6 Landmark Recovery of Louisville’s heroin addiction rehab center offers proven addiction recovery treatments for substance use disorders that will help you overcome heroin abuse and put you on the path to a healthier and happier life.

Personalized Treatment Plan

There is no single approach to treating heroin dependence, as each individual has their own specific life experiences and recovery needs that must be addressed. Once you arrive at our heroin recovery center, you will undergo a thorough medical exam and psychological evaluation. Our medical staff will then develop a personalized treatment plan for you. Depending on the nature of heroin dependence and any co-occurring mental health illnesses, your heroin recovery program may be provided through a combination of our residential inpatient program, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment services.

Medication Assisted Heroin Detox

Hope for true recovery from heroin addiction cannot begin if heroin is still present in your body. Therefore, the first phase of recovery will always be to detox and flush all traces of heroin and accumulated toxins from your system.

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

During this process, your brain will trigger a painful withdrawal response as it attempts to function normally without the presence of heroin. Symptoms of heroin withdrawal typically appear 8 to 12 hours after the last heroin dose and often include: 7

  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Fever
  • Cold sweats
  • Muscle aches
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Cravings for heroin

Landmark Recovery offers a medical detox program that allows you to detox from heroin under the supervision of medical professionals. Your withdrawal will be carefully managed to ensure that you get through the detox process as safely and comfortably as possible. Our trained medical team will provide around-the-clock care and support, and prescribe medications (like suboxone) that help reduce cravings and alleviate negative withdrawal symptoms. We will also monitor your condition and look for signs of potentially life-threatening complications, such as persistent vomiting and diarrhea that can lead to dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and heart failure. 8

Counseling and Behavioral Therapy

After detox, you will be ready to begin the therapeutic phase of the heroin recovery program. The cornerstone of Landmark Recovery’s substance use disorder treatment is behavioral therapy, where you will work with a master’s level counselor to identify the underlying causes of your addiction and develop healthy habits and behaviors needed to overcome cravings and prevent relapse.6 During individual and group counseling sessions, you will participate in a variety of science-backed behavioral therapies and support systems that may include cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, contingency management, and motivational incentives.

Maintenance Therapy

Another critical component of heroin recovery is maintenance therapy, a treatment approach that involves substituting the use of heroin with different prescription opioids or a non-opioid drug. This new drug will effectively eliminate any lingering cravings and withdrawal symptoms without producing a euphoric high. 9 Many people continue maintenance therapy and their peer support system after they leave rehab to help them stay sober as they adapt to living without heroin. Medications presently approved by the FDA for the treatment of heroin addiction include buprenorphine, methadone, naltrexone, suboxone, and lofexidine. 10

 Get Help for Heroin Recovery in Louisville, KY

Heroin use is a serious drug abuse crisis in Louisville, and in cities, counties, and states across the United States. Do you, or a person you know, want help to quit heroin use? People seeking treatment should immediately check into one of their local rehab centers and find hope and support in the recovery programs and inpatient programs offered.
Landmark Recovery of Louisville’s heroin addiction rehab center offers extensive, individualized drug addiction treatment that can free you, or an addicted person you know, from this devastating drug. Please call us at 502-309-2675 for more information about our medical detox and heroin treatment programs.

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