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Addiction Rehab in Oklahoma City

You have a variety of assistance options for your addiction rehab in Oklahoma City. From inpatient, outpatient, and even partial hospitalization services, understanding what facility is best for you or your loved one can be difficult. Achieving and maintaining long term sobriety requires a comprehensive approach for both body and mind including detox, behavioral therapy, individual or family counseling, and intensive outpatient support. Landmark Recovery’s state-of-the-art addiction rehab center uses evidence-based therapies combined with personalized treatment plans to give you the best chance of success. Rest assured we will also support you long after you leave our facility.

The Perils of Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Oklahoma

Addiction is a debilitating chronic disease that affects individuals both mentally and physically. It can destroy your health, livelihood, and family. According to recent findings from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 1 out of every 12 Oklahoma residents (aged 12 and older) currently suffers from some form of drug or alcohol addiction. 1 Oklahoma ranks first in the nation for rate of prescription opioid abuse, 2 and there are at least 22,000 Oklahoma residents who suffer from an addiction to prescription opioids. There are also 191,000 Oklahomans who suffer from alcoholism and 94,000 with addictions to an illicit drug. 1 Methamphetamine remains the most significant drug-related threat facing Oklahoma today, 3 and at least 1 in 94 Oklahoma residents report using meth within the past year. 1

Every year, drug and alcohol addiction costs the state of Oklahoma nearly $7 billion in expenses related to health care, public safety, social services, and lost productivity in the workforce. 4 drug and alcohol abuse is also a major contributing factor for most homicides, prison incarcerations, divorces, child abuse cases, and domestic assaults that take place in Oklahoma. Nearly 1,000 Oklahoma residents die from drug-related overdoses every year, and in the last 3 years more than 1,300 newborns tested positive for drug exposure and went into withdrawal immediately after being born. 5

Addiction Rehab Center in Oklahoma City

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that 261,000 Oklahomans are in need of addiction rehab treatment. 1 Yet in 2019, there were only 14,000 admissions to Oklahoma addiction rehab centers. 6 Tragically, it appears that the vast majority of individuals in Oklahoma who are in need of rehabilitation treatment fail to seek the necessary help.

If you are struggling to overcome substance addiction in the Oklahoma City area, please do not hesitate to reach out for assistance. Landmark Recovery is here to help you. Our addiction rehab center has programs designed to address the unique recovery risks and challenges associated with different types of drugs, and all treatment plans are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Before starting substance abuse rehabilitation treatments, you must first quit drug use and go through detoxification, a process that involves clearing all traces of addictive substances from your body. Landmark Recovery’s medically supervised detox program can help keep you safe and comfortable by managing the negative effects associated with drug withdrawal. Our trained and licensed rehabilitation staff provide around-the-clock supportive care and will closely monitor you for any signs of potentially life-threatening complications that can arise during withdrawal. We may also administer medications to assist in reducing cravings and relieving severe withdrawal symptoms.

After the completion of detox, you will be ready to transition into one of our treatment programs. Landmark Recovery of Oklahoma City’s addiction rehab center offers a range of care, including residential treatment, partial hospitalization care, and intensive outpatient services. The cornerstones of our rehabilitation programs are individual, group, and family counseling combined with behavioral therapy. This crucial form of treatment that helps increase healthy life skills and modify attitudes and behaviors related to drug use. 7

Medications are often an important component of rehabilitation, especially when combined with counseling and behavioral therapies. They can be used to help manage withdrawal symptoms, prevent relapse, and treat co-occurring mental health conditions. As of now, there are FDA-approved medications available for the treatment of opioid (heroin and prescription opioids), tobacco (nicotine), and alcohol addiction. 8

Landmark Recovery takes a holistic approach to addiction rehab in Oklahoma City. In addition to expert care, counseling from mental health professionals, and proven behavioral therapies, our addiction rehab center also offers health and wellness education, mindfulness and meditation-based therapies, and a variety of exercise and fitness activities.

Post-Treatment Rehabilitation Support

Addiction rehab does not end the day you leave our Oklahoma City addiction rehab facility. Landmark Recovery will continue to provide guidance and support to help you succeed in your recovery through intensive outpatient services. All our clients are provided with a robust discharge plan that includes lifestyle guides, coping mechanisms, relapse prevention plans, and a referral program tailored to your specific needs. We also provide a fully integrated support network that includes family therapists dedicated to alumni and their families, alumni and aftercare programming, recovery support groups, and a recovery coach to help you transition to a self-directed recovery plan.

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Landmark Recovery can help you with addiction rehab in Oklahoma City with science-backed, evidence-based rehab treatment. Our addiction rehab center will arm you with the tools you need to take back your life. Please call us at  405-896-8426 to discuss how our inpatient or outpatient addiction rehab programs can best meet your specific needs.

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