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Substance Abuse Rehab in OKC

Getting professional treatment for your substance abuse is important, but how do you know which substance abuse rehab center is right for you? Landmark Recovery offers evidence-based, personalized rehab programs.

Substance abuse in Oklahoma

Substance abuse entails the use of psychoactive substances, such as drugs and alcohol, in ways that are not intended or recommended. This harmful pattern of substance use can cause many health problems and will often lead to addiction, a complex disease that affects brain function and behavior. Some of the signs and symptoms of addiction include:

  • Strong desire to drink or take drugs
  • Unable to stop drinking or using drugs
  • Continuing drug or alcohol use despite adverse consequences
  • Giving substance use a higher priority than other activities and obligations
  • Increased tolerance to drugs or alcohol
  • Physical withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit

Oklahoma’s substance abuse problem has evolved into a public health crisis that costs the state nearly $7 billion annually in expenses related to health care, public safety, social services, and lost productivity. 1 More than a quarter million Oklahomans currently suffer from some form of drug or alcohol addiction, 2 and nearly 1,000 Oklahomans die every year from accidental drug overdose. 3

Oklahoma leads the nation with the highest rate of prescription opioid misuse,4 and 1 in 143 Oklahomans currently suffers from an addiction to prescription opioids.2 Nearly 1 in 4 Oklahomans report binge drinking within the past month, and around 1 in 17 Oklahoma residents is battling alcoholism. 2 Oklahoma law enforcement describes methamphetamine as most significant drug-related threat facing Oklahoma,5 and 1 in 94 Oklahomans report using meth within the past year. Around 1 in 13 Oklahoma residents are current marijuana users, while 1 in 51 report past-year cocaine use and 1 in 294 report past-year heroin use. Overall, nearly 1 in 34 Oklahomans is afflicted with an addiction to some type of illicit drug. 2

There is a significant need for substance abuse rehab among Oklahoma residents. Although there were around 14,000 admissions to Oklahoma substance abuse rehab centers in 2019,6 the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that there are at least 234,000 Oklahomans who needed but did not receive any form of treatment last year. 2

Substance abuse rehab center in Oklahoma City

Are you searching for science-backed substance abuse rehab in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas? If so, Landmark Recovery’s locally based rehab center provides specialized substance abuse programs for the treatment of different types of substance abuse and addiction. Our substance abuse rehab center also offers a medically supervised detoxification program (medical detox) that can safely manage the dangerous symptoms and cravings associated with drug or alcohol withdrawal.

We offer a diverse range of substance abuse rehab programs, ranging from residential treatment to an intensive outpatient program. Residential rehab programs are the most intensive form of treatment and provide around-the-clock services in an inpatient setting. Our intensive outpatient program provides treatment outside of a residential setting, giving you the freedom to continue working and living with loved ones during recovery.

Landmark Recovery of Oklahoma City substance abuse rehab programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client based on the nature of their addiction and the presence of any co-occurring mental health disorders. If you suffer from mental illness, we will be able to provide comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment that simultaneously addresses both your addiction and mental disorder.

Our evidence-based substance abuse rehab plan typically includes medical detox, the administration of medications to address withdrawal symptoms and cravings, individual and group counseling, behavioral therapies, and aftercare planning to help you maintain your sobriety. While participating in our substance abuse rehab in Oklahoma City you will regularly meet with a master’s level licensed therapist at least once per week. You will also participate in a variety of behavioral therapy sessions aimed at promoting healthy life skills and modifying attitudes and behaviors related to drug addiction. Depending on your individual needs, these behavioral therapies can include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Contingency management

How Can I Get More Information about Landmark Recovery’s Substance Abuse Rehab in Oklahoma City?

Whether you’re exploring treatment for alcohol or drug abuse for yourself or for someone you love, you will likely have many questions about the rehab experience. Please call us at  405-896-8426 for a free consultation with a professional substance abuse counselor. We will be happy to answer your questions and discuss which of our substance abuse rehab programs can best meet your specific needs.

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