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Cocaine Rehab in Pittsburgh

Looking for an effective rehab program for cocaine addiction? Landmark Recovery is proud to offer the best in Pittsburgh, along with all the necessary resources to make your time with us a success. We’re aiming to put you back on track to roll into a life of recovery so you can live a substance-free life.

What is cocaine?

Cocaine is an illicit psychostimulant powder drug that’s usually snorted in various settings. An alkaloid powder that comes from the South American coca leaf, it’s processed through a variety of chemical reactions to produce the white powder we know of as cocaine. The current theory about how cocaine developed in the plant was a way to eliminate pests if they tried to eat the leaves or other parts of the plant.

As a stimulant, the drug makes you hyperactive, euphoric, and somewhat paranoid. As a vasoconstrictor, cocaine causes high blood pressure and can trigger seizures or strokes. Most users of coke will go on coke binges when snorting cocaine due to the high amount of tolerance you can build in a short amount of time when using the drug. For this reason, coke becomes increasingly dangerous to use the longer a binge goes on.

Since the 80s and 90s, the use of cocaine has fallen as methamphetamine and ecstasy demand has replaced a lot of the demand for cocaine supply. Crack cocaine is a big part of the modern supply of American coke, as it’s far cheaper but less pure—easier to make and sell on the streets. Crack is named for the sound it makes when heated in a crack pipe. Smoking cocaine in any form is the fastest and most effective way to achieve a euphoric high. Using cocaine and alcohol at the same time can create an even more toxic compound called cocaethylene, which is metabolized in the body instead of benzoylecgonine.

Cocaine use in Pennsylvania

In the state of Pennsylvania, 2.31% of those above the age of 18 have done cocaine at least once in the last year. In the 18-25 year old statistical group, 6.35% have done cocaine in the last year–the highest-using group in the state.

Cocaine rehab

Landmark Recovery is proud to offer the best in cocaine rehab services to our patients. Outpatient, residential, and partial hospitalization treatment is offered at our facilities, allowing our patients to have multiple treatment paths forward. Medication assisted treatment is also provided for severe cases of withdrawal to ensure the path to a full and lasting recovery is made easy.

While here, we offer counseling and therapy to treat the root causes of addiction as part of our holistic treatment program. 12-step programs, including AA and NA, are available for patients so they can reinforce their recovery education and build relationships with figures that might help them build accountability and lasting friendships. After you leave our care and supervision, we give graduates access to a nationwide alumni association with as many post-treatment educational opportunities as possible.

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To get more information on Landmark Recovery’s rehab program, call us at 888-448-0302 today. Live beyond addiction and get back on track with Landmark.

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