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Addiction recovery begins here.

Praxis by Landmark Recovery, located in Louisville, Kentucky is an addiction treatment center offering medical detox, residential services and more to the Medicaid community. In addition to individual and group therapy, our inpatient program offers vast therapies and alumni programming to help ensure long term success from the throws of addiction. By tailoring our program specifically to each patient who comes to Praxis by Landmark Recovery, we are ready to help them overcome their substance abuse and restore hope, function and purpose in their lives.

Insurance Providers We Accept

Praxis by Landmark Recovery, located in Louisville, Kentucky, pairs with four different state provided health agencies: Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna Better Health of KY, Humana and Passport Health Plan. To learn more about your payment options, contact our dedicated and confidential admissions team. 

Services And Care

No single addiction is exactly alike. We design and develop specialized treatment programs to match the individual needs of our patients in Louisville.

An individual getting their vitals checked before entering medicaid treatment in Louisville, KY
Medical Detox
A young woman about to begin residential treatment at a Medicaid facility in Louisville
Residential Treatment
Individual Therapy Session
Individual & Group Therapy
A group of individuals undergoing treatment at Praxis by Landmark Recovery enjoying some recreational activities
Mindfullness & Recreation
A man standing by a lake thinking about the benefits of a SMART Recovery program
SMART Recovery
A woman writing down the benefits of the 12 step program at Praxis by Landmark Recovery
12 Step Program
Celebrate Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Celebrate Recovery
quit drugs and quit drinking health benefits
Refuge Recovery
A group of individuals who met through the alumni program spending time together
Alumni Program

Additional Resources

Rehab Center

Louisville Medicaid Treatment Center

When you or a loved one have determined it is time to attend a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Louisville, Praxis by Landmark Recovery is ready to help. Our Medicaid treatment facility offers a wide variety of services and care customized to your ideal treatment plan.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab In Louisville

Praxis by Landmark Recovery is a Medicaid specific addiction treatment center that can help you or a loved one with a substance abuse problem. No matter what led to the onset of the addiction, the masters level clinicians and caring staff at Praxis are ready to help you on the road to recovery. The road to recovery begins with medical detox, and continues with medication assisted treatment, various therapies, IOP and more.

A group of young adults at a drug rehab
Two women in substance abuse counseling session at Landmark Recovery

Substance Abuse Counseling In Louisville

Drug & alcohol counseling is an integrative part of the rehabilitation process. Whether you prefer individual or group therapy, having individuals support you and your goals of sobriety make the journey to recovery that much easier. Within counseling sessions, you or a loved one will also learn tools, strategies and coping mechanisms that you can utilize after graduating our program.

AA Meetings In Louisville, Kentucky

Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as AA is a great resource individuals can turn to in treatment, as well as after treatment for additional support. These meetings aren’t just an avenue for support, but a tool that can be utilized in order to stay sober and on top of an addiction.

A group of individuals at an AA meeting at our treatment facility
A man sitting outdoors looking on his computer for a suboxone clinic

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Landmark Recovery specializes in Suboxone administration for patients overcoming the troubles of addiction. Suboxone is utilized in medication-assisted treatment. Suboxone is an opioid antagonist that blocks the feelings created by opioids as the medication blocks the opioid receptors. The implementation of MAT programming is typically used during medical detoxification.

Drug Rehab Near Me

If you are looking to find a drug or alcohol rehab facility that accepts Medicaid, Praxis by Landmark Recovery, located in Louisville, KY, is ready to help you overcome your addiction. Our state of the art facilities with evidence based treatment and masters level clinicians are closer than you think.

A woman looking for a rehab facility

“Kentucky’s drug overdose death rate was fourth highest among the 50 states.”

-Kentucky Chamber Work Force Center (Source)

State Of Addiction: Kentucky

Many states across the nation have been ravished by the opioid crisis. One state seeing extensive amounts of turmoil is Kentucky. In 2018 alone, nearly 70% of all overdose deaths involved opioids. 

Kentucky hasn’t been struck by opioids alone. Other commonly abused drugs in the state are cocaine, meth, heroin, marijuana, alcohol and opiates.

Despite an increase in drug and alcohol abuse making Kentucky the 8th worst state for drug problems, it has also led to an increase of rehabilitation centers offering addiction treatment to open. (Source 1, 2)

Substance of Abuse Upon Entrance To An Addiction Treatment Center (2010)

“Opioids were involved in 46,802 overdose deaths in 2018-nearly 70% of all overdose deaths”

-National Institute on Drug Abuse (Source)

Substances of Abuse Upon Entering Addiction Treamtent (2010)

Rate of addiction in Men vs. Women in KY

Residential Treatment in Louisville

Entering a residential treatment facility is essential for recovery from addiction. Starting with medically supervised detox, individuals will rid the toxins from their bodies with professional oversight of our trained and caring staff. After patients have successfully completed detox, they can begin their personalized treatment plan created by our masters-level clinicians.

Patients may engage in individual and group therapy with our counselors and therapists. These sessions allow them to understand more about the recovery process, as well as how to work through problems specific to them. Treatment modalities offered also range from 12 Step meetings, SMART Recovery, Seeking Safety and more. We also cover how to overcome cravings, as well as how addiction lives within a family dynamic.

At Praxis of Louisville, our number one priority is to create a specialized plan for you or a loved one and help them and overcome addiction. With our therapies, group and individual counseling sessions, mindfulness activities and more, we can understand together how to work through and overcome the disease of addiction. (Source)

Families in nearly every neighborhood of our country have suffered because of the opioid and substance abuse epidemic.

– Mitch McConnell, United States Senator, Kentucky (Source)

You don’t have to suffer through addiction alone. Our team is ready to help you start down the road to recovery, today.

Alcohol Rehab in Louisville

It can be very easy for an alcoholic to claim that they don’t need help, or that they don’t have a problem. Denial is very common in any stage of addiction. Once an individual agrees to attend treatment, within individual or group therapy sessions we can work through what is at the root of the addiction. This might be the first time that these individuals are working through these issues, and having the support therapists, masters-level clinicians, and fellow patients can make the transition to sobriety that much easier.

It is important that individuals do not try to quit drinking alone. The effects of alcoholism can be deadly if they are stopped abruptly, without the support of a medical detox program. Following medically supervised detox, therapies such as 12 Step programs and SMART Recovery can teach lifelong skills that will assist individuals in becoming sober, as well as maintaining their sobriety following discharge from a treatment program. Our Alumni Program also allows for continued support outside of our Medicaid treatment program. (Source)

Number of Alcoholic Drinks Consumed Annually During Binge Drinking Events

Rates of binge drinking in the United States

“We can’t bring back the people we love. But we can take steps to stem the tide of future deaths.”

– Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif.) and Ryan Hampton (Source)

Substances Involved in Opioid Overdoses in Kentucky

Opioid Related Overdose Deaths (1)

Drug Rehab in Louisville

Within the state of Kentucky, drugs have caused an extensive amount of harm to individuals, their families and their communities. Whether it is prescription drugs, opioids, opiates, methamphetamines or heroin, it does not take too much to become addicted.

A prescription for back pain could easily turn into a heroin addiction that is much cheaper to maintain. Individuals who receive medication from their doctors can quickly become addicted and fall into the group of individuals affected by the opioid crisis. Despite creating programs and increasing the amount of rehabilitation centers, addiction, and the problems it creates are still steady.

Drug addictions can destroy lives. Residential treatment can be the lifeline that can save you or a loved one’s life. Personalized services specific to each individual can help you overcome your drug addiction. Luckily, you are not alone. With the support of therapists and masters-level clinicians, you will also have the support of fellow patients undergoing treatment just like you. (Source)

Our confidential and supportive admissions specialists are ready to help you navigate through Medicaid treatment and begin recovering today.

Start Down The Road To Recovery In Louisville Today

Addiction was never a choice, but reaching out for help is. Contact us today to learn more about our personalized recovery programs.

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