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Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Richmond

Cocaine Treatment

Looking for a cocaine addiction treatment facility near you in Virginia? Landmark Recovery is proud to offer treatment services that are evidence-based, effective, and affordable in Richmond. With our specialized treatment services, we ensure that you or your loved ones can live beyond your addiction and begin a drug-free lifestyle of recovery today.

What is cocaine?

Cocaine is a stimulant that primarily comes in a white, fine powder or a crystalline form known as “crack”. It’s a drug that’s derived from the leaves of the coca tree in South and Central America. It’s been used for centuries among indigenous peoples and locals to treat various ailments and altitude-related illnesses in the Andes Mountains.

Since users discovered the commercial viability of cocaine as a grade-A drug of choice beyond boutique applications, such as a pharmaceutical additive in drinks like Coca-Cola, it became a lucrative illicit substance of trade throughout the Americas and beyond. The appearance of the commercially viable pure cocaine trafficking industry in the 60s and 70s gave rise to cocaine’s popularity as a stimulant and party drug in the US and elsewhere. Since then, the DEA has classified cocaine as a Schedule II substance.

It’s very easy to develop an addiction to cocaine if you’re not careful. Due to the nature of how the drug affects the brain, it requires binge-level use to maintain a high during a single session. Cocaine produces a ton of dopamine in the brain, which causes pleasure. Users typically experience effects that range from euphoria to hyperactivity to paranoia, somewhat like marijuana without the “bummer” effects.

Crack cocaine, a commonly found street drug that induces higher and faster highs than “classical” cocaine, is known as such due to the distinctive crackling sound it makes in the pipe as it’s heated up. It’s much easier to use cocaine via smoking it for the ease by which your high is achieved, but the effects can be even more severe, and an overdose is much easier when smoking crack.

Cocaine presents a boatload of health risks. For long-time users, it can cause significant hypertension (HBP) and permanently damage the cardiovascular system. Snorted cocaine can erode the nasal passages and induce cardiac events, like heart attacks. Crack can cause severe weight and hair loss in users.

Cocaine use in the US and Virginia

In the US, the overdose death rate for cocaine users was 4 and a half out of every 100,000 users. This number is significantly up from pre-2013 when it was less than half of that number. Cocaine and opioid co-overdoses are on the rise at an alarming rate.

In Virginia, 1.8% of all residents 12 years of age and older had used cocaine at least once in 2019. The largest group of coke users were the 18- to 25-year-old group, with 5.2% having used it at least once that same year. The message that cocaine is risky and dangerous has successfully saturated the population of Virginia, where 71 out of 100 understand that there are significant bodily and legal costs involved with regular use.

In Virginia, 7.01% of residents over the age of 12 have some form of a substance use disorder, and 6.64% need treatment for a SUD but don’t seek it out. This is where Landmark Recovery of Richmond comes in.

Cocaine abuse treatment

Seeking treatment for your cocaine abuse can be difficult, but Landmark Recovery is there to help you live beyond your addiction. We offer multiple streams of treatment, including residential and outpatient paths, which are tailored for your level of medical needs. In addition to that, we also offer medication-assisted therapy for severe cases of withdrawal so that recovery is easier for the patient.

Oftentimes patients can fall victim to relapse, but we make sure that our national alumni program is available for our patients leaving our care and going back out into the world. This is one way we can assure that continued education and mentoring are available. Therapy and counseling are available to patients when they’re here at our facilities to treat the root causes in addition to the health effects of their drug use.

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To learn more about what Landmark Recovery of Richmond can do for you, give us a call at 804-599-3473. Our goal is to save as many lives as possible in the next century, starting with you or your loved one.

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