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Welcome back to another episode of the Landmark Recovery Podcast! We are kicking off the month of May with a new theme, What is Success? May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, so we are really looking forward to the topics we have for you this month.

In this episode of the Landmark Recovery Podcast, Dr. Don Grant and Michael Walsh discuss technology addiction and how the use of technology influences our everyday life.

Dr. Grant is an internationally award-winning media psychologist, published researcher, Doctoral Addictions Counselor, and educator with specific expertise in technology’s impact on mental health. He is President of the American Psychological Association Division 46 (The Society for Media Psychology & Technology), and Chair of both APA’s “Device Management & Intelligence” and “Strategic Planning” Committees. He is also Executive Director of Outpatient Services for Newport Healthcare, which recently launched their new PHP/IOP adolescent treatment program under his leadership in Santa Monica, California.

Dr. Grant designs, presents, and facilitates “Healthy Device Management” and “Good Digital Citizenship” treatment strategy and educational training workshops for clinicians, educators, parents, and school communities.

Last summer, Dr. Grant was invited to join the APA Coalition for Psychology in Schools & Education, which was commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control to create a series of adolescent psychology focused support manuals on behalf of the DASH funded APA Safe and Supportive Schools Primers Project. Don and his team completed the last of these manuals in October, with the entire series soon to be distributed by the CDC to schools, administrators, and educators nationwide.

Don’s current research includes investigations of potential effects of social media, cyberbullying, and device driven attachment bonds on adolescents, teens, young adults, families, and our culture/relationships-at-large.

This podcast is a production of Landmark Recovery, which offers treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. If you or someone you know needs help with substance abuse, please call Landmark Recovery at 888-448-0302.

About the Author

Will Long

A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, Will has been a copy writer and content creator for Landmark Recovery since 2021. Will specializes in writing about substance abuse from a scientific and social perspective.

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