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Medical Vs. At Home Detox

by Landmark Recovery

July 19, 2020
A doctor talking to a patient about medical detox


Even under the best of circumstances, detox from substances is challenging work. Today, we’re going to talk about medical detox versus at-home detox and consider the pros, cons, and dangers of each.


What is Detox?

A man looking up the difference between medical and at home detox

Detoxification is the process of weaning an individual’s body off harmful substances to minimize the dangerous effects of withdrawal.


Many substances, from legal ones like cigarettes and alcohol to street drugs like cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, and even prescription pills, can cause lasting and sometimes permanent damage to the body and brain.


After using substances, a person can become both physically and psychologically dependent. You need and want it so badly it becomes impossible to function without. Your body and mind are battling each other, and the result can be both exhausting and traumatizing.


Quitting addictive substances suddenly can cause withdrawal syndrome, the symptoms of which range significantly depending on the substance in question. Symptoms may manifest through shaking, sweating, chills, visual distortions, body aches, depression, anxiety, and malaise, to name a few.


But across the board, the one thing that seems consistent is the intense, uncontrollable cravings for the substance.


The Dangers of Detox

If you’re ready to seek help with an addiction, often, the first step is to go through detox. Because this is such a difficult process, many individuals find it helpful to detoxify in a medical setting.


Unfortunately, detoxification for regular or heavy substance users can be dangerous or life-threatening when attempted without assistance. In a worst-case scenario, it could even be fatal. In most cases, it is very difficult or even impossible to ‘ride out’ the discomfort, exhaustion, and mental and physical pain of detox on your own.


Although detox from home from home may work for some people, you should never attempt it without first receiving a medical professional’s approval.


The at-home approach might be suitable for those who don’t have significant mental or physical symptoms, or who have a lot of support at home. Even so, this method should only be attempted with professional oversight. It is always in your best interest to seek professional help before you begin.


Medical Detox

A doctor talking to a patient about medical detox

At Landmark Recovery, our medical detox process is designed to help individuals with moderate to severe addictions manage withdrawal symptoms associated with substance use cessation.


Beyond that, we aim to prepare our patients to return to mainstream society equipped with a treatment plan and strategies that enable continued health and sobriety.


Detoxifying in a medical setting gives you access to medication that can help mitigate the worst of withdrawal symptoms. Detox medicines for opioid addictions include Suboxone, Buprenorphine, which stimulate opioid receptors while minimizing the adverse outcomes.


Campral is often used during detox from alcohol to reduce cravings and support a more balanced nervous system.


Landmark’s team of addiction professionals are on hand at all times of the day and night to assist our clients. The in-patient detox process often lasts for ten days, after which we will reassess and possibly move the patient into a rehabilitation program.


All aspects of detox and rehabilitation are monitored closely by our clinicians to ensure the client’s safety and comfort.


Beyond Detox

At Landmark, we look beyond immediate recovery. Though medical detox might seem like a monumental process, it is the first step in taking back your life. Once you are through the program, we help you plan for and build your life in sobriety.


If you have questions about medical detox or our recovery programs, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn how to get started.

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