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Partial Hospitalization

What is Partial Hospitalization?

Landmark Recovery’s partial hospitalization program (PHP) is ideal for patients who do not require stabilization for withdrawal and who require a transitional program that can provide support in integrating back into their respective community. Compared to intensive outpatient rehab, partial hospitalization requires more visits and sessions per week. The commitment is similar to that of inpatient rehab, but without the requirement to stay in a drug or alcohol treatment facility. Patients in partial hospitalization typically choose their own housing, but some may qualify for boarding at a rehab facility.

Landmark Recovery’s program offers roughly comparable daily scheduling of group therapy and extracurricular activities to our Residential Treatment Program.  Patients in the PHP could stay in their home, a sober living house or in our facility, depending on their diagnosis, history and possible need for additional structure due to a compromised recovery environment. This includes an assessment of a patient’s need for increased motivational interventions, or moderate to severe risk of relapse. A healthcare provider will conduct a physical and mental examination of patients prior to being admitted into the program. In order for a patient to be admitted into our PHP, they must consent to treatment.

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Partial Hospitalization at Landmark Recovery

Every PHP patient is assigned a primary addiction counselor to help manage treatment and keep up with your progress. The addiction counselor may engage with a patient’s family and schedule face-to-face therapeutic services. The community-based drug & alcohol rehab program will function as a day treatment center structure, with patients arriving to the facility daily at 9:00 AM to engage in structured programming, meals, weekly individual therapy, and ongoing psychiatric evaluation and treatment. The program is scheduled:

Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

PHP Vs Outpatient Rehab

What’s the difference between a partial hospitalization program and an intensive outpatient program? Despite the name, an intensive outpatient program is not as demanding in terms of time commitment as a PHP. With an IOP, you may attend sessions for two or three hours on three days of the week. With a PHP, by contrast, you often attend sessions for four to six hours every weekday. Aside from this difference in commitment, the two types of treatment are otherwise similar.

When Is a Partial Hospitalization Program a Good Idea?

PHPs make a good fit if the following criteria are satisfied:

  • Your home environment is strong and stable
  • You are medically stable with mild or no symptoms of withdrawal that are potentially life threatening or that could preclude active participation in treatment.
  • You have no psychiatric impairments that would preclude active participation in treatment
  • You exhibit no risk of harming yourself or anyone else
  • You’re motivated to pursue treatment
  • You have a dual-diagnosis

When is a Partial Hospitalization Program a Bad Idea?

PHPs are inadvisable in any of the following circumstances:

  • If you are victim of abuse and trauma
  • If you are suicidal or demonstrating violent behavior
  • Anyone with a mental health disorder that would preclude active participation in treatment
  • Anyone with an acute, life-threatening illness
  • For those lacking a proper support system
  • If you have previously engaged with treatment then relapsed
  • For anyone with family members abusing substances