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Addiction’s Effect on Diet, Proper Nutrition

March 8th, 2022
alcohol and drug addiction and diet

When trying to pick an addiction treatment center, have you considered whether proper nutrition is provided in their treatment plan? Discussing nutrition’s role in the healing process, Michael interviews Landmark Recovery’s Director of Dietary Services, Kayla Risteen, about how active addiction affects how much you eat as much as what you eat. They also talk malnourishment, practicing intuitive eating, and the interconnectedness of a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Kayla Risteen graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in dietetics from the University of Kentucky and has been a practicing Registered Dietitian for seven years. Risteen has a passion for nutrition education and helping those in recovery reach their fullest potential through proper nourishment.


Learn more about Landmark Recovery’s residential and outpatient addiction treatment facilities located around the U.S., as well as our Praxis (Medicaid) facilities: https://landmarkrecovery.com/locations/find-a-landmark-near-you/

Check out Kayla Risteen’s latest mocktail recipes blog for St. Patrick’s Day: https://landmarkrecovery.com/8-green-lean-march-mocktail-and-snack-recipes-for-mardi-gras-st-patricks-day/

Risteen also has been featured on Landmark Recovery’s YouTube series, SOBER FACTS discussing healthier meal options (https://youtu.be/sm9F2d0FD_0) and multivitamins (https://youtu.be/85kCwUBmBfk).


[3:19] Sweets, comfort food, feel-good foods … they trigger the brain’s rewards system, just like drugs and alcohol (though to a lesser extent).

[5:57] So many people in early recovery struggle with their energy, which is linked to their nutrition.

[9:32] Fast food myth: Cheap and easy? Not really.

[11:20] A healthy relationship with food can keep you from relapsing.

[13:00] What is malnutrition?

[18:30] What is intuitive eating?

[27:10] Attitudes and beliefs around food. For example, not making dessert a “prize.”

[32:30] Try this shopping method at the grocery store …

[34:00] Tweak your meals with healthier alternatives or smaller portions.

[39:05] Diets, supplements, and multivitamins.


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