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Am I Codependent?

February 8th, 2022
Am I Codependent?

Do you worry that, if your loved one relapses, it might be your fault? Do you have trouble setting boundaries with them about their substance use disorder? If so, you might be codependent.

On today’s episode, Michael interviews Chico and Shannon West about codependency, boundaries, giving Al-Anon a try, pre-marital counseling for couples in early recovery, and more.

Chico West is a licensed therapist through his private practice, West Counseling. He provides intervention services, consulting, and workshops in Dallas, Texas, and beyond. Previously he served as CEO and founder of both Gaston House Transitional Living and Casa Colina Treatment Center. Shannon has worked as Chico’s business manager for West Counseling and worked alongside him with Gaston House and Casa Colina. Together they host their podcast, “Filter Optional,” which is available on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube.


[7:16] Al-Anon, codependence, and boundaries.

[10:42] The recovery language and lingo.

[12:05] Are you minimizing your needs? It will lead to resentment.

[15:36] Are you doing the work?

[18:00] Approaching addiction as a counselor who is also a Christian.

[23:42] Are you concentrating on someone else instead of looking in the mirror?

[27:42] Parenting: COVID, communicating, and social media.

[40:00] How can churches welcome those who have struggled with substance abuse disorders?


Read more about how religious communities can support those who have struggled with addiction here: https://landmarkrecovery.com/7-ways-religious-communities-can-support-recovering-addicts-and-their-loved-ones/


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