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Dedee Pfeiffer: Proudly Wearing Recovery on Her Sleeve

February 22nd, 2022
dedee Pfeiffer

To celebrate the 150th episode of the podcast, Zach and Michael interview the lovely, honest, and accomplished Dedee Pfeiffer of ABC’s BIG SKY about her journey to recovery. A successful actress on the big screen and in regular television roles, Dedee says that her addiction story was not unique: She was a high functioning alcoholic who continued to run from her fear of failure and untreated trauma before asking for help. Now in recovery and living as her most authentic self, Dedee is using her platform to bring awareness and the hope of endless possibilities to her fans and anyone who has wrestled with addiction.

Television fans will know Dedee Pfeiffer from her series regular roles in FOR YOUR LOVE and from the award-winning comedy series CYBILL. Other notable guest roles include but are not limited to ELLEN, SEINFELD, CSI, CSI:NEW YORK, WANTED, FRIENDS and ER. She also had impressive roles in films RED SURF, FALLING DOWN, TUNE IN TOMORROW, INTO THE NIGHT, and VAMP. In addition, she has dozens of other studio and independent films to her credits, including producing the indie award-winning film LOREDO, and starring in and producing THE TUB. Dedee also holds a Master’s of Social Work from UCLA with concentrations in mental illness, substance use and homelessness, and she was featured recently on the cover of RECOVERY TODAY MAGAZINE.


Follow Dedee on Instagram @DedeePfeifferOfficial and be sure to watch her on ABC’s BIG SKY.

And for anyone listening, just know: You are not alone! If you or a loved one is ready to take that next step to recover from substance use, visit https://landmarkrecovery.com/contact-us/ to reach out to a recovery specialist 24/7, or visit Landmark Recovery’s social media channels @LandmarkRecovery.


[4:50] Dedee’s recovery journey and lessons she’s learned along the way.

[7:28] A series of rock bottoms. “The fact that I couldn’t fix this – I couldn’t stop – made me feel like a loser.”

[8:40] “I was tired of feeling like a failure.”

[9:59] “I remember thinking, ‘I can call anonymously, and they won’t know who I am.’”

[12:39] Feel you can’t ask your loved one struggling with an addiction if they want help? Myth buster: You can.

[16:58] Cautionary tale: Be aware of your family history and past addictions.

[21:45] Keep working on yourself.

[26:00] You can get help. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you can’t stop drinking or using, asking for help is not weak.

[34:30] “We learn how to function with our addiction. It’s not just about getting sober. That’s why you have rehab; to re-teach you how to live life without it.”

[39:00] “To thine own self, be true.” Have courage to draw boundaries around yourself and protect your recovery and sobriety.

[41:00] Be proud of your recovery and sobriety!

[47:00] You don’t realize how much of yourself you lose to your addiction. One of the things you can look forward to in recovery? Rediscovering your values.

[49:00] Dedee teases BIG SKY.


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