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Dopamine, the Limbic System, and Anhedonia

January 4th, 2022

Discussing treating substance use with medication, Zach and Michael interview Dr. Jason Kirby, the Chief Medical Officer for Landmark Recovery and Praxis by Landmark Recovery. Because every psychoactive substance releases a certain amount of dopamine, it is to be expected that anyone who suffers from a substance use disorder will not feel good when they abstain from the drug, especially in the case of opioid addiction. The motivation to seek-out the dopamine high is as dangerous as Russian roulette. This is why timing is everything, and treating the craving with pharmacotherapy gives those who are addicted a chance at survival. Dr. Jason Kirby is an expert in population health policy and is dual board-certified in addiction medicine and family medicine. Growing up in a world of addiction, and experiencing addiction himself, Dr. Kirby speaks to listeners in both layman’s and medical terms about how substances affect the limbic system, about recovery, and about the many options available for tackling a substance use disorder.

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[5:45] From active addiction, abandonment, and lack of self-worth to recovery, freedom, and purpose.

[7:25] The world sees addiction more than it sees the wonders of recovery.

[9:50] Substance use disorder treatment methods, including medication assisted treatment.

[18:45] How substance abuse hijacks the limbic system.

[21:26] When dopamine is off the charts due to substances, everyday healthy activities are no longer enjoyable. In a word: anhedonia.

[25:31] The lack of addiction and recovery training in medical school and residency.

[29:09] The rewards of working in addiction medicine.

[30:15] Medication assisted treatment at Landmark Recovery.


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