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Everybody’s Version of Sobriety is Different

December 21st, 2021
celebrating sobriety

Zach interviews Laura Hardy, also known as Regular Laura, the radio unicorn host of Louisville’s classic rock station 107.7 The Eagle. Laura talks music, Splitgate, mocktails, and about her work on “High Notes,” a podcast discussing addiction and recovery in the music industry. She also shares her story about finding recovery from alcohol abuse, as well as her passion to help others battling addiction to know that they are not alone.


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If you are interested in mocktail recipes for the holiday season, visit https://landmarkrecovery.com/6-non-alcoholic-recipes-to-toast-the-holiday-season/

And check out the “High Notes” podcast at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/high-notes/id1523561024


[3:55] Choosing to get sober during COVID-19.

[10:09] Mocktails and alternative drinks.

[12:54] When did you notice drinking was unhealthy for you?

[16:54] Redirecting your energy to drink to other activities.

[18:55] Laura’s resources, and realizations, that helped her come out of isolation and into community.

[25:25] The unfortunate realities of addiction: secrets and shame.

[30:45] Laura talks the benefits of her recovery.

[34:37] Laura’s practical tools to stick to her recovery, especially during the holidays.


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