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How to Weather the “Bermuda Triangle,” a.k.a. the Holidays

December 7th, 2021
Weather the holidays

Here is a pointed question: Do you feel the need to drink during the holidays? How do you know when it is an unhealthy relationship with alcohol? On today’s episode, Michael interviews speaker, life coach, and author Adam Jablin about how to examine our behaviors, vices, and intentional times of sobriety in order to learn more about ourselves. They also talk the “Bermuda Triangle” of holiday drinking, Sober October and Dry January, and the importance of health and wellness in recovery. Adam Jablin is a certified life coach, inspirational speaker and father, spiritual mentor, author, and business coach. He has an extensive resume as a health & wellness advocate and has personally been in recovery for over 15 years. Adam is the creator of The Hero Project, the #1 Best Selling 90-day transformational one-on-one coaching program, and his 2020 book “Lotsaholic: From A Sick to Sober Superman” is a #1 Amazon Best Seller. Through his work and platforms, Adam has helped thousands of people thrive and find a joy for living, even with life’s pressures and difficulties.

Check out Adam on Instagram and LinkedIn @AdamJablin. You can also take his free THE HERO 7 online course that teaches his seven principles for personal wellness: https://adamjablin.com/the-hero-7/ If you are concerned about a loved one drinking too much or who is addicted to drugs, get in touch with a recovery specialist 24/7 at Landmark Recovery.

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[4:10] Caring for your body, mind, and spirit.

[8:43] Having a plan for the holidays instead of white knuckling.

[15:54] Dry January and Sober October.

[18:98] Do you feel the need to drink during the holidays?

[20:22] Adam’s tips for your or your loved one’s first holiday sober.

[22:29] How to excuse yourself, and other holiday hacks, when you are in recovery.

[26:57] Practicing meditation, gratitude, and wellness habits.

[29:29] Really check on your kids.

[31:28] How to act/not act when you or your loved one is fresh out of rehab.

[33:44] Setting attainable goals.


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